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5 characters Patricia Good adored portraying

Patricia Good, a leading actress, an amateur comedian, a blushing bride, and November’s cover star, shares 5 of her favourite characters she has portrayed over the years. 

Choosing a favourite character for an actor is like choosing a favourite child. Actors put their blood, sweat, and tears into the character. This also applied to the 25-years old actress, Patricia Good, our November cover star who thought long and hard when picking her five favourite roles. Here’s what she said. 

5 characters Patricia Good adored playing

You Touched My Heart

Though the drama is going on air on Channel 3 next year, the first role Pat took to make a comeback is ‘Anyamanee’ or ‘Dr. Anne Chang’, a character who is set on proving that one’s capability is not defined by one’s gender. “The first one, I’m gonna go with You Touched My Heart. It’s not on air yet, will be next year. The role is a modern-day woman who’s fighting all the stereotypes. It’s really fun and there are many romantic scenes as well. I’ve never been in this many romantic scenes, like those K-dramas, before. I would love for everyone to watch it,“ Pat said. Pat starred alongside ‘Push Puttichai’ in the Pin Kriengkraisakul-directed drama

Poisonous Passion

Poisonous Passion is a brainchild of ‘Ploynampueng’ which Channel 3 adapted into a drama. Pat and the handsomely tanned actor, Great Warintorn, were put alongside each other to portray the tangled love story and the malice-filled backstory. “The story was something so not me and was very tough. I had to try and control everything, from my voice to my walk. If you watched this drama, you’d see that I was very monotonous – poker face – didn’t show much emotion. That’s because I need to portray the suppression Dr. Parichat carries as well as her stoic and tough exterior, which is difficult, but also fun,” said Pat.

My Friend, The Enemy

Patricia Good, a leading actress, an amateur comedian, a blushing bride, and November’s cover star shared 5 of her favorite characters. 

“This drama was very fun. This was the character that’s the closest to who I am in real life so far (smiled). The role was someone who is constantly in a fight with her friends throughout the story. It was quite fun, and the viewers seemed to like it as well. They seemed to like a drama where the leading lady does not back down and will fight back. That’s why I like this drama, part of the reason is that the audience liked it as well,” Pat giggled when recalling her character in the drama. My Friend, The Enemy is a drama story with a dash of comedy, not too serious or too silly. And with the fighting attitude of the main character, the story keeps pulling you in. ‘Pon Nawasch’, ‘God Itthipat’, and ‘Mo Monchanok’ also joined the cast.

Malee Reang Ra Bum

“I’ll pick something a little older as well, Malee Reang Ra Bum. I really had a blast. My character was a country singer and this is probably the most comedic drama I’ve been in. I got to do many things as this character, singing, dancing. It’s another drama that’s really close to my heart,” Pat talked about one of her earlier works, Malee Reang Ra Bum, where she portrayed Malee – a girl who dreams of becoming a famous singer and hopes to win a singing competition. Pat starred alongside ‘Son Yuke Songpaisan’, an actor she worked with prior.

Kaen Sanaeha

“The last one is Kaen Sanaeha. It’s the first drama in which I got the leading role. I was so impressed as the script was quite fun. From what I remembered, the rating was really high, with many characters, and it’s about ghosts. A period piece as well.  So many old Thai lingos, and I was really young, I couldn’t even pronounce Thai words properly. When I got the role it was something very challenging. But the feedback was good and that pushed me to keep going,” Pat recalled her first drama where she starred alongside ‘Son Yuke Songpaisan’ for the first time. She gained recognition and an overflowing amount of praise from this character at the age of only 16.


5 characters Patricia Good adored portraying

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