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Eknaree ‘Be’ Wachirabunjong on the pressures of show business and starting young

“I want my work to be more than just entertainment. I want it to touch people, their emotions, thoughts, and how they live. There needs to be something for them to take home.” 

Undoubtedly, the pressures of following your parent’s footsteps are overbearing. Whether the stress comes from outside sources or yourself, there’s always a little voice in the back of the mind of always being in your parent’s shadow. Yet, all one can honestly do is try. And that’s what Eknaree ‘Be‘ Wachirabunjong is doing as she follows her passion and her parents’ footsteps in Thailand’s show business. 

Eknaree ‘Be’ Wachirabunjong:

On going to set as a kid versus now 

With her parents, Pongpat Wachirabunjong and Thanya Wachirabunjong, well-known in the Thai entertainment industry, going to set was a regular thing for Be. “It all started with my mom and dad. They were the base, the starting point of my interest in this industry. I would go on set with them, play around, and joke with the team as a kid. I enjoyed the environment.” 

However, being in production as a kid versus an adult is very different. When we asked, Be told us she didn’t recognise the stress and pressure in movie making. It only really hit her when she started her internship there. “My parents allow me to begin with small things like helping with castings. But when I was a kid, I was there to have fun. Now that I produce and direct, I have to create new ideas and solve problems on set. I have much more responsibilities. I have to take care of many things daily to make it happen. Although the fun isn’t the same, it’s still exciting because I encounter new things and think of ways to resolve issues.”

The pressure from others and herself 

As Be’s parents were known for producing and directing the critically acclaimed Thai film Me… Myself, we can only imagine the pressure on her. She told us her parents never told her what path to focus on. They only just guide and support her choices. However, she feels like she’s living in their shadow for life because they did really well in show business. “To be honest, it’s me. I’m creating this pressure on myself. At least I try to turn this pressure into motivation.” 

She further added how she experiences pressure from others. For instance, the audience’s feedback from her production. But at the end of the day, regardless of all the stress and self-doubt, she’s grateful for her team. “I’ve had times where I asked, is this what I really wanted because I’ve encountered many heavy problems. I’m glad I have such a fantastic team that has helped me. They’ve made me realise that this is where I want to be. Whatever feedback we get, good or bad, I know we did our best and gave our all.”  

Advice for newcomers entering show business

As we ended our chit-chat, Be had two pieces of advice she wanted to share. To succeed in show business, one must be flexible. “We work with a lot of people. For me, especially a lot of older seniors. They have their different way of thinking. You must be able to blend old-school thoughts with the new. Being open-minded and accepting is important.” 

Her second tip is to have good communication, which will help resolve conflicts much quicker and more efficiently. “Working in production, whatever job you have, we are all a team. When I’m directing, it’s not just my ideas. It’s a team project. You have to listen to everyone’s opinions if there’s a dispute. If one person doesn’t agree or has other ideas with reason, you have to be open to them.” 

Eknaree ‘Be’ Wachirabunjong on the pressures of show business and starting young

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