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From a fashion features editor to a wellness & lifestyle director, meet Chalisa ‘Nee’ Viravan

“Despite my past in the fashion world, I’ve always been into wellness and lifestyle.”

Becoming a fashion features editor, especially in a prevalent magazine like Vogue, is a dream for many. But Chalisa ‘Nee‘ Viravan had other plans. Currently, Nee is a wellness and lifestyle director at Scratch First as well as an astrological consultant. Now, some may not know what Scratch First is, but to put it into one word, Wonderfruit. So, without further ado, let’s get to know one of the creators of Wonderfruit, as Nee is here to share the experiences she’s learned along the way. 

Chalisa ‘Nee’ Viravan:

Prioritising alone time and self-care 

Everyone must think Nee is cool and chic, especially coming from the fashion world, but who is Nee really? Is she the same person she portrays to the outside world? Although some may assume her external appearance makes her outgoing, Nee told us she is pretty private. “Despite people knowing me from the fashion industry, I’ve always been interested in health and wellness. I like to spend time with myself a lot. It’s probably because I took care of myself often when I was young.” 

With that habit stemming from her childhood, as she grew older, she realised that being alone aids in better self-reflection. “When you know yourself, you don’t waste time on people, whether it’s your own time or others. It’s crucial to be able to be alone and understand yourself.” Nee added that everyone must do their best to understand themselves, so this knowledge can be spread to others. Plus, once you know what you need and what makes you happy, you can organise your time better. “It’s all about understanding.”

The importance of travelling both externally and internally

Although Nee is not that active on social media, you can see many of her travel photos. To her, whether you’re travelling physically, such as exploring new places, or internally discovering yourself, both are essential for self-development. These two elements go hand-in-hand. “When you travel externally, you’re also travelling internally. Travelling outside, you get to see new things. With that experience, you’re simultaneously journeying with your inner self. Although you can read books about people’s experiences, you need to have your own experiences to know what it’s like. Like food, you have to actually taste it to know the flavours.”

As traveling is Nee’s favourite pastime, she reflects this theme onto Wonderfruit. Even though on the surface many people think of Wonderfruit only as just another music festival, the creators (including Nee) views it as a lifestyle. “It’s a fun and colourful community that invites attendees to explore themselves and others. Wonderfruit goes deeper than just partying and great music. The annual 4 day event brings out a sense of community and togetherness with other people as well as nature and the land itself.”

Finding yourself is possible at any age

Life is constantly changing. We all go through different stages. Your interests in certain things come and go. And that’s why it’s possible to find yourself at any age. “Growing up, I’ve always questioned who I am, why I was born, and even why I am here. These questions made me want to get to know myself even more. It made me who I am today. Having this deep journey can get difficult. It’s very personalised, but it’s very beneficial.” 

From a fashion features editor to a wellness & lifestyle director, meet Chalisa ‘Nee’ Viravan

Drinking is best during the day, especially when at brunch. If she's not working, catch her at the gym or socializing with friends. An introvert extrovert at heart. She's a Capricorn.

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