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Five reasons why we love SEIKO

SEIKO represents how you can impeccably blend time with art.

Time flies so fast as though lightning moves. Everything has changed over time. Hundreds of watch brands emerged in the market and then disappeared in no time. No matter how quickly the clock world has turned, one player always holds firmly and remains unscathed in this time stream, a renowned Japanese brand SEIKO.

Kintaro Hattori, the founder of this brand, was determined to develop a watch with precise time indications. He believed that the brand’s motto Keep Going Forward would make SEIKO a legend and to always be one step ahead of its competitors. This story will show you why SEIKO still stands firm and becomes a brand that is devotedly loved by everyone until today.

All clothes from VALENTINO, watch from SEIKO

The Japanese brand

What is often asked when customers buy a product is where does it come from? When the answer is “Japan”, of course almost 100% of them rest assured of that product without any hesitation. SEIKO was founded in Japan where it is enriched by cultural values, meticulousness, integrity, and punctuality. The brand has traveled a long journey for over 142 years now (since 1881) mostly due to its loyalty and determination for the watches’ inventions. Hundreds of materials, parts, and tools are always created by them in order to bring out the best quality of the watches.

The reliable expertise

SEIKO does not refer to themselves as a watch factory but rather a Watch Studio. They are eminent in elegant designs and every careful step of the creations. Customers are always ensured by their particular expertise of only watch experts. The meticulous assembly with every detail from the beginning to the last step. The watches are the craft work blended with advanced tools, aesthetics and light weights, reflections, and the smooth touches of materials.

All clothes from KENZO, watch from SEIKO

Precision and punctuality

Although there was the invention of watches before, the time indication was not that accurate. SEIKO however was devoted to eventually inventing a watch with the precise second-digit indication; it was called Quartz. SEIKO later on was the leader of the watch industry and most acknowledged by the Western world. The brand never ceases to research, develop, and improve their watches to be precise and only to keep moving forward.

The after-sales service

It is well known that the service-mind is the top priority in Japan’s society. SEIKO not only presents excellent service in stores but also provides the top impeccable after-sales service. The suitable assistance to your problems will be provided by many of their experts. The expert departments are well managed such as the Diagnostic Room to oversee the watch systems, or the Clock Repair Room to assist you with tools and accessories repair, and so on.

All clothes from KENZO, watch from SEIKO

Designs that meets the needs

The last reason why SEIKO has been one of the world-class watches for hundreds of years is the designs that meet the needs. This legendary Japanese brand offers many watch designs to serve everyone ’s purposes in many circumstances. It does not cease to fascinate us with a variety of models to reach the ultimate top: the classics with the leather strap and the circular dial or the stainless band with stopwatch function. Furthermore, they have tough and cool designs for the underwater pressure and diving purposes, hybrid technology with the digital watches, or the one beyond your imagination with voice recording and watching TV functions. SEIKO is relentless in discovering new ideas to live up to their motto Keep Going Forward.

Five reasons why we love SEIKO

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