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These are Jumpol ‘Off’ Adulkittiporn’s top 5 daily essentials

Jumpol ‘Off’ Adulkittiporn tells LSA his top five daily essential items, and one of them is his underwear! 

Every individual always has a few items they carry every day with them. Whether that be their phone, wallet, or vape, we all have certain things we cannot live without. With that, LSA is here with the Thai actor, model, and host Jumpol Adulkittiporn, aka Off. Known for his main roles in Thai series like Theory of LoveNot Me and Astrophile, this 32-year-old has grown a lot in his life and if you’ve ever wondered what his secret is to success, here are his top five daily essentials. Keep on reading to find out what these items are. 

Off-Jumpol’s 5 must-have items


An essential item for many people is eyewear. Carrying these around is needed whether one wears optical glasses or sunnies. This item does more than just protect your eyes. It can create a different persona or, in this case, make you seem awake when tired. Even Off agrees. He told us he picks up glasses first because sometimes he has early morning work. “My eyes don’t work well with light, especially in the morning. That’s why I wear sunglasses to deceive people into thinking I still look on point. It also gives me this cool look.” 



Whether you’re a man or woman, most have a bag to hold their essential items. This is even more important if you’re working a 9 to 5. One could carry a handbag, backpack, purse, fanny pack, or any type of bag to store their precious belongings. Now, what about a career like acting— a job requiring one to take special care of themselves? Well, Off said his second must-have item is his personal bag, whichever he chooses in his collection. “I’m the type of person who carries a lot of things, especially when working in a Thai drama production. I like to bring a huge bag, and inside is a script, makeup, water bottle, and many other things necessary for the set. 


If you’re a forgetful person, wearing a watch can sometimes be a lifesaver. Just turn your wrist, and you will know how much time you have left. With watching allowing you to know what time it is, being a busy performer like Off, this product is very much needed. “I wear a watch every day, and I never forget. It sort of became a habit. I also wear my watch on my right wrist even though I’m right-handed. Isn’t that confusing? (haha). I think I got this from my family since they also wear their watch on their right.” 



“The next item I cannot live without is underwear because when I leave the house without it, I don’t feel that confident.” Although the fourth item Off was saying in a joking tone, we do understand why. Underwear gives us comfort. It also protects our area, and with Off being an actor, it makes sense how he could get wet in some scenes. With that, having extra underwear lying around is crucial. Even Thai actress, Plengkwan carries extra intimate wear in her car just in case. 

Lip balm

It’s not only females who have dry lips, men, too, experience this. Personal hygiene and self-care are essential for the mind, body, and health. Although some may overlook the lips since it is a small area, moisturising this part is required because who wants chapped, flakey, and peeling lips? Just by not having this area moist, it can make one look old, and that’s why this item is Off’s fifth essential. “I have very dry lips, and that’s why I always carry a lip balm. Regardless of who I am with or where I am at, this item is always with me no matter what.”

These are Jumpol ‘Off’ Adulkittiporn’s top 5 daily essentials

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