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A passion for fashion: diving deep into the style of Off-Jumpol

From Ryan Gosling to James Dean, Off-Jumpol tells us about his fashion icons and how his passion for fashion began. 

More than just a Y-series actor with a large fan base, Jumpol ‘Off’ Adulkittiporn is also known as a fashion icon. Our May digital cover star is making a wave in the social media world. Off has been making a name for himself by joining many events and collaborating with various world-class brands. With that, he has become the country’s new fashion icon that many companies want to work with. 

Besides shooting for the fashion set with OMEGA, LSA chit-chatted with the Thai celeb to find out how his passion for fashion began. We see his mixing and matching skills, proving Off knows how to dress. He also started his clothing brand, Land of Something. Ever wondered where his style inspiration comes from? Read more to find out. 

The start: University

They say college is when you create and capture the most experience and memories, which is true (to a certain extent). Even Off told us that the lessons he encountered during university helped shape who he is today. It’s not just his personality that stuck with him, but also his lifestyle and his love for fashion. 

Before the interview started, Off put his hand on his heart and smiled. “I love it. Fashion is something I have been interested in since college.” Having studied in the Faculty of Information and Communications Technology at Silpakorn University, he told us he was exposed to a new world. “It’s because I met so many people and had different types of friends. Some liked fashion, others listened to music, and some were obsessed with watching movies. I like the production behind making advertisements. I’m interested in TV programmes. Being like this makes me want to do everything. I want to be able to do anything.”

From a consumer to a creator 

More than just a consumer Off has turned himself into a fashion creator. He has opened a clothing brand, Land of Something, with cute prints and fresh colours. Off defines his brand as “it’s some kind of land. For me, I don’t have a fixed definition of the brand. It’s just something I want to happen.” Although that statement may sound confusing and broad, Off meant he didn’t want to limit his brand to a specific niche. He simply wants to make fashionable clothing for people to wear. But honestly, it seems like this is the space for him to release whatever idea he has. 

“I start with a particular idea I like a lot. For example, if I like this type of flower a lot, I will want to make a collection with this design. Or even space, I will design something with space-like patterns. It’s all about what I am interested in at that time. Then I will want to present it in a certain way.” Sounds quite interesting, but what truly makes this brand stand out is that it goes all out in the designs and colours. Land of Something uses simple silhouettes that can be worn daily, such as sweaters, T-shirts, bags, hoodies, and more. For Off’s new product, we’ll have to wait and see what cool visions he has in the future.

Off’s fashion icons

Undoubtedly, fashion experts and even influencers must get some sort of inspiration from somewhere or someone. Of course, everyone takes bits and pieces as inspiration and personalises them to their own aesthetic. With that, Off told us about his two fashion icons, actors Ryan Gosling and James Dean. 

“These two has very different taste in fashion, and that’s what I like. I like to take a bit of this and that from certain people’s aesthetics and mix it. It starts with seeing how someone dresses and thinking if it matches who I am. However, regarding fashion icons, the first has to be Ryan Gosling because his look is so cool. The other is James Dean. Although they’re from different periods, their style perfectly matches when combined. For example, a T-shirt, jeans paired with Converse or even boots, this fit looks good in any era.”

Ryan Gosling the king of casual wear. No matter where he is, whether he is on the red carpet, at an interview, or even strolling on the streets, Gosling is always put together. His aesthetic is classic and elegant, yet giving off nostalgic American with his white tee paired with washed-out, faded jeans. It is minimalism with taste. Something that looks effortless, but when Gosling wears it, it is instantly cool. Even his suits aren’t over the top compared to others who do too much and end up looking ringarde. No wonder Gosling became Gucci’s new muse.

Moving over to James Dean, America’s bad boy in the 1950s. Besides having a pretty face, the actor was revolutionary, making him a cultural icon. One of the things he was known for was his style which mixed classics with modernity and comfort. The famous “James Dean look” was a denim or leather jacket with a white tee, jeans, and Converse. To this day, this combination is still widely used and remains timeless. 

Now that we understand these two’s fashion sense let’s get back to Off. He told LSA that combining these two styles to make it his own is the hardest thing to do. “All of the pieces and clothing I have, I bought it myself. I gather everything I see and match it to my persona and liking. I never limit myself when it comes to fashion. Who says I can’t wear female items? I can carry a woman’s bag, even wear female pants, and I won’t be ashamed. I love to mix and match clothing. It helps me discover new things and broaden my horizons in fashion.” 

A passion for fashion: diving deep into the style of Off-Jumpol

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