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Being an actress and the importance of a good bra: Nattaya-Plengkwan’s experience

To be a good actress is to wear the right bra that supports any activity. 

Some may wonder how bras and acting relate to one another. The answer is every woman wants to be comfortable in their own skin, and to truly be comfortable starts from the inside. That’s why we pick Cherilon. Their bras aren’t only cute and stylish, but they come with functions that make you feel confident and ready to take on the day. Even actress and model Nattaya ‘Plengkwan‘ Thongsaen agrees, as she states that being a good actress starts with wearing the right bra. Read on to see what else she has to say about this topic. 



The concerns of a female actress

In conversation with Plengkwan, she explained that most actresses worry about cleanliness, as sometimes there’s no place to shower on set. “Sometimes we shoot in the forest, and it’s not that clean.” Another concern is changing rooms. As a model, Plengkwan is used to changing her clothes anywhere. Sometimes she’s even waiting for her clothes in only her bra and underwear. “I don’t think it’s bad because I’m not completely nude.” However, changing clothes at production sites is an entirely different story. “Sometimes I don’t think, and when I am about to remove my clothes, everyone gasps and tells me not to. I forget that the work culture there is different to modelling. There are a lot of people, and that’s why I’m constantly reminded to be careful and cautious.”


Plengkwan’s essentials  

With many years in the entertainment industry, Plengkwan has learned what she needs to bring to have a smooth shoot. One of the items she first listed was a gym outfit “in case I have the time to exercise.” The second was clean clothes for emergencies. She also carries a cold towel to wipe herself, and a cooling spray. Other than that, she takes a foldable chair with her. “We film in the forest, and sometimes there’s nowhere to sit. They have plastic chairs, but bringing your own is much better, so I can lean back, relax, and maybe take a cheeky nap. A blanket is necessary too.”

However, Plengkwan has exclusively told us that a bra is the most critical item of all. “I cannot leave the house without a spare bra. I always have one in my car, no matter what.” Perhaps she received this habit from her mom. Her mother would always tell her she could get wet or be in a situation where she needed to change. “That is why having a spare bra and underwear is beneficial.” An example she gave was she sometimes stays over at her friend’s house when it’s late and difficult to go home. By having this item, she can be relaxed because she has something clean to wear. 

Plengkwan mostly wears nude bras in case she has to wear a white top during shoots. In her closet, most of her bras are either nude or black. 


The importance of a good bra for actresses when filming 

Plengkwan tells us that bras are important for actresses as wearing the right bra can provide good support and comfort, easing distraction. “I like wireless and seamless bras because you won’t see them when I wear a tight shirt. Especially ones without hooks, or straps, and with a smooth texture; I adore those because they’re comfortable.” 

With most of her shooting sites in the forest, she must wear comfortable and breathable clothing. However, the model said there was one incident where she wore a thick, tight bra squeezing her skin. “I’m allergic to sweat, so I got a red rash when I started sweating. I was not comfortable. I did not feel confident.” 

When Plengkwan works, she likes to have complete focus and no disruptions. With that bra discomfort, it showed in her work. “When I’m comfortable inside, it will show on the outside and vice versa.” Therefore, she stated that if the bra incident did not happen, she would have been able to put her energy and focus into her work much better. 

As we know, on set, every single take is always different. Performers must keep trying until they achieve the best take that satisfies the producers and themselves. The difference with modelling is that the client provides a brief, but actors must perform from the heart. With that, Plengkwan says, “acting comes with homework. It’s harder.” Thereby, she needs something that will give her complete support, like a good bra. “Bras are vital as they help me work better and smoother because it allows me not to worry about the little things.”

Being an actress and the importance of a good bra: Nattaya-Plengkwan’s experience

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