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Work, life, and happiness: A conversation with Jumpol ‘Off’ Adulkittiporn

On Lifestyle Asia Thailand’s May Digital Cover, Jumpol ‘Off‘ Adulkittiporn shares a different side to him many don’t get to see. Get ready to find out Off’s true self and his secrets to work, life, and happiness. 

Starring in many Thai films and series is Jumpol Adulkittiporn, whom many know as Off. His career kickstarted when he was scouted by Nuttapong Mongkolsawas, a director and executive at GMMTV. He started as one of the hosts for the program Five Live Fresh. However, after the show ended, Off landed his first lead role in Room Alone: The Series the following year. However, the 32-year-old has gained a lot of fame and a large fan base from participating in a Y-series called Theory of Love. Throughout his journey in the acting industry, Off also landed a role in another Thai drama Astrophile. He even won the Asian Academy Creative Awards in 2022 as Thailand’s national winner under best actor in a supporting role. 

With that, we invited the talented young man to be the face of LSA’s May digital cover. Also, with a watch as luxurious as OMEGA, who will not notice how Off wears this timepiece on his right wrist? A bit weird for a right-handed person, but let’s find out more of his inner thoughts below. 

Since you’re in your 30s, have your perspectives on life and work changed? 

Everything changed. When I first started in this industry, I was in my early 20s. Without a doubt, the first month, I gave all my earnings to my family, but after I made more money, I was spending a lot more. However, the more I grew up, the more careful I am with my spending. This began when I started to have a goal of what I wanted to do and what kind of house I wanted. I even pictured how my life would be in my 40s and 50s.

Also, I lived my life to the fullest during my teenage years. I was stubborn too. I would do everything my way rather than change. But now, I accept everything. Things I shouldn’t do, I stop, and I even apologise first. 


People always see you messing around, joking and being friendly, but who are you really when you’re alone? 

I don’t talk to people at all. I often wake up to work at 6 AM, and when I return home at 10 PM, the first thing I do is sit down. I need to cool down for 30 minutes to eliminate negative energy and be alone; then, I can start doing other things. When I am outside, I use a lot of energy, so when I come home, I need to heal myself a bit. Before, I was an introvert. Many people don’t believe me when I say that, but I don’t fit in with society well. It sounds confusing, but I have changed ever since I started working in this industry. As time went by, I became more confident. Also, it’s my job too.  

What do you think is the reason why your fans love you so much? 

Because I am myself and I am usually always in a good mood. I am a straightforward person. If I didn’t like something someone did, I would say, “It’s not good. Don’t do it.” But, if something is good, I would compliment them. I always put communication at the forefront because good communication lets you understand each other well. It also makes the relationship last. 


Can you tell us something cute that you encountered with your fan club? 

To be honest, I never thought in my life that when I travel abroad, people would send me off at the airport. I’m unsure if it’s too much, but it’s such an amazing feeling. It’s something I never thought I would have, let alone experience in this lifetime. I get so excited when I travel. Once, I went to Hong Kong alone and didn’t tell anyone. But after landing, I stumbled upon my fan club; around 40 people were waiting for me. Although I greeted them, I couldn’t speak Chinese. Luckily, there was Prouw, one of my fans from Hong Kong, who spoke Thai. She also helped me arrange transportation and even took me to meet the driver. I was so happy she offered to help me. I thank her for everything and hope to see her in Hong Kong again. 

If your fan club starts to like someone new, how will you manage your feelings? 

This is a normal situation. I’ve been working for 10 to 20 years now, and that’s a lot. It’s normal to have new entertainers come in when I get older— it’s a cycle. I just need to find a way to live with it. It’s not that serious. I used to be in that position, and if it’s all gone one day, it’s okay. I started with no fan base. I understand I will eventually have to go back to where I started. I have accepted it.


Would you do it if you had to choose between sacrificing something important to you to reach your highest point of success? 

If sacrificing something makes you reach your goals, you must ask yourself, will this act make you happier? Recently, I feel that I haven’t achieved my goals much, but I have so much joy. For me, when I get a job, I have already succeeded because my main goal is to be happy with every situation. If I’m unhappy with my work, I wouldn’t be able to handle it or last this long. Am I right? That’s why I make my life fun by accepting jobs that I love and performing them well. If I didn’t love it, I would look at it from a different perspective by trying to see the positive side. 

What would you tell yourself ten years ago and in ten years?

My life ten years ago, I used it very well. I would thank my old self for growing up quickly, as I learned a lot of things when I was young. It made me not want to know or try anything else now. When I’m 40, I hope to have a strong body and be sure about my life. I hope I don’t have to stress about work anymore. I want to travel and live my life to the fullest then because, at that age, you still can. It’s best to do what you want if you have the energy and be happy

Work, life, and happiness: A conversation with Jumpol ‘Off’ Adulkittiporn

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