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6 new cafes in Bangkok to check out this September 2021

As the dine-in ban has finally been lifted, a lot of new cafes in Bangkok are now waiting to welcome you this September.

It was a period of gloom for many café enthusiasts when Bangkok had to go through another round of lockdown. While many cafes were still open for takeaway and delivery services, it certainly didn’t bring cafe-hoppers the same kind of joy. Nonetheless, it’s time that we get back on that exciting café-hunt. This month, we’re back with 6 new cafes in Bangkok to re-energise you from lockdown fatigue.

[Hero Image Credit: Toa Heftiba/Unsplash: Featured Image Credit: Matchamood via Facebook]

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Butch’s Coffee

Butch’s Coffee serves both single-origin and blend coffee, roasting only 750 grams of coffee beans each time. Apart from the roasting process and aroma that you’ll get to immerse in, it’s worth a try, especially if you go for the Butch’s and Betty’s house blends. Their popular iced latte and orange tonic are also worth checking out.

[Image Credit: @donny_eating/Instagram via Butch’s Coffee]


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34Eight Coffee & Community

Nestled in Baan Chunhawan, 34Eight Coffee & Community is where coffee lovers can beat the afternoon heat in a homey vibe. You’ll get to enjoy both the locally grown and imported coffee beans that are brewed into a wide array of caffeinated drinks. Besides the signature Eden dirty coffee, the Zion and Eden blends are the highlights to look forward to. Toasted pecan pie is also a great option to curb your sweet tooth.

[Image Credit: 34Eight Coffee & Community via Instagram]


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Hello Neighbor

Coffeeshop Good Vibes Neighbor was once the talk of the town and got all the cafe lovers in Bangkok buzzing. However, it’s now relocated to a new location with a new name: Hello Neighbor. This is where a singer-turned-chef Tengneung Kanit proudly presents his freshly made bakeries and selections of refreshing drinks. Ginger lemon soda, shortbread latte, and the croffle are our top picks.

[Image Credit: Instagram @helloneighbor.bkk]


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Matchamood is a great place for you to replenish antioxidants in your body. This matcha specialist prides itself in using premium matcha imported directly from Shizuoka. They embrace authentic and modern techniques to serve you the finest Japanese green tea. The Matcha Cold Whisk and Matcha Honey Lemon are the best sellers that you should try.

[Image Credit: Matchamood via Facebook]


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Omi Tteok

If comforting Korean street food is what you’ve been craving for during the lockdown, Omi Tteok is for you. This cute Hongdae-style cafe offers popular rice cake munchies that will transport you to Korea without leaving Bangkok. Aside from the must-order tteokbokki and injeolmi, the so-tteok so-tteok is another must-try item.

[Image Credit: Omi Tteok via Instagram]


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Haru Coffeehouse

If you’re a coffee fan, you need to make your way to Haru Coffeehouse. This artisan Japanese coffeehouse is the sub-brand of the well-known Nana Coffee Roasters and is a well-known favourite among the Bangkokians. In addition to the yuzu sparkling which is our top pick, their panna cotta is highly recommended. It’s available in four different flavours, each representing the seasons in Japan.

[Image Credit: Haru Coffeehouse]

6 new cafes in Bangkok to check out this September 2021

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