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Here’s your alcoholic ‘spirit’ animal for 2019, according to your zodiac sign

We’re going to find love this year. We’re going to excel in our careers. We’re going to gain and attain both health and wealth. Most hopefully, it’s going to be a prosperous 2019. Yet the greatest horoscopic question of the year remains unanswered: what will we be sipping?

Taking to the stars from a tall glass and a telescope on one of Bangkok’s countless rooftop bars, we’ve put together a list of alcoholic spirits suited to each zodiac sign for 2019. Whether you’re a fiery Leo or a calm and collected Pisces, there’s a liquor that embodies each of the zodiac signs – a ‘spirit’ animal, so to speak – sure to set the tone for any and all of your coming nights out.

As you read, sip lightly, and if anything, let it merely get you into the spirit of things for the new year. Cheers.

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Aries: Vodka

21 March – 19 April

Aries are known to be audacious, ambitious, and wildly adventurous, and so it makes perfect sense that the alcoholic spirit animal for the spring-born star sign is none other than vodka. Both Aries and vodka are strong, no-fuss, and really love to party – hard. Aries are known for getting along really well with other people (after all, there are few mixers that don’t blend well with vodka), but they’re also entirely lovely and enjoyable on their own. Aries in one cocktail? A classic Vodka Martini – sophisticated yet fun, packing a real punch. You’re never going to go out of style, and in 2019 you’ll continue to be a club and night-out favourite. Go get ‘em, Aries.

Image Credit (from left): Izzy Gerosa/Unsplash; Karen Arnold

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Taurus: Bourbon

20 April – 20 May

The Taurus zodiac sign is represented by a bull, and much like its representative animal, Taureans too like to enjoy natural and peaceful environments, and are generally known to be laid-back, trustworthy people. Nevertheless, you don’t want to rub a Taurus the wrong way, as they can be quite bull-headed. It’s the same with this star sign’s alcoholic spirit, bourbon, as whilst it is somewhat a mature drink, it’s not one you want to mess up. Taurus in one cocktail? An Old Fashioned – reliable, stable, and sophisticated. Despite its name, the Old Fashioned has been quietly rising in popularity over the last year, and will likely continue to do so this year. You’re so suave, Taurus.

Image Credit (from left): Marc Babin/Unsplash; Karen Arnold

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Gemini: Gin

21 May – 20 June

Gin is always incomplete without a pairing, and so it only makes sense that its spirit star sign is that of the twins: Gemini. Geminis are loved for their whirlwind nature; they can often have split personalities, and are known for being extremely fun-loving with a wide range of interests. Fittingly, gin is just as versatile. It’s a spirit that can be fussy at times (think about how Hendrick’s can be only be paired with a cucumber peel, and The Botanist most commonly with a lime wedge, anything else and you’re sure to infuriate), yet is really loved by those who get to know and appreciate it. Gemini in a cocktail? Of course, the iconic Gin and Tonic. A timeless favourite that may seem unsuspecting at first, but can really turn things around once you’ve had a couple. Classic Gemini.

Image Credit (from left): Jez Timms/Unsplash; Karen Arnold

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Cancer: Cognac

21 June – 22 July

Cancers are probably one of the most textbook spiritual star signs of the lot. They’re known for being intuitive, and can sometimes even come across as mysteriously psychic. Cancers are classy, and so their spirit match is none other than cognac. Sultry and attractive, cognacs and cancers stray away from the beats and the buzz of the club, but are much rather enjoyed at the end of an intimate dinner, or in a snazzy lounge over conversation (cancers are brilliant at conversation). The cancer star sign in one drink? Cognac, heated to perfection, and served in a tulip glass. You’ll never go wrong.

Image Credit (from left): Cody Chan/Unsplash; Karen Arnold

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Leo: Absinthe

23 July – 22 August

It’s the star sign most famously known for being overly confident and dreadfully dominant: Leo. The fire sign commands the attention of anyone in the room, and is known for being passionate, theatrical, and very charming. Absinthe is the spirit that suits Leos the most, given its hallucinatory and somewhat even playfully intoxicating nature, as well as its over-the-top presentation: no other drink demands you dramatically light a sugar cube over it. Absinthe is also most commonly served with a glass of water, and if anyone, Leos should come with one too. A Leo in one cocktail? Literally any cocktail that has absinthe in it. Leos don’t discriminate between drinks, they just drink and roar – a lot.

Image Credit (from left): Randy Fath/Unsplash; Karen Arnold

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Virgo: Champagne

23 August – 22 September

Virgos are like beautiful gods and goddesses that casually roam the earth. They’re extremely logical and straight-thinking people, who work hard and are very thoughtful in their approach to life. This makes them extremely likeable, much like their alcoholic match, Champagne. Champagne is often a celebratory drink, and an extremely classy one at that. Virgos are very much the same, combining their bubbly personality with a flair for the finer things in life. A Virgo in one cocktail? A Bellini – the ever-popular champagne brunch beverage. Very chic. Very Virgo.

Image Credit (from left): Raw Pixel/Unsplash; Karen Arnold

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Libra: Wine

23 September – 22 October

Libra is represented by a set of scales, and indeed, Libras are known to be balanced and harmonious in character. This makes them very romantic partners, bearing dreamy and sensitive personality traits. The perfect accompaniment on any date, the alcoholic match for a libra is wine. Both hold beautiful stories, a love for history, and a closeness to nature. Musical and artistic, most people love a libra (like they love a glass of wine), and are in great company not only at fancy wine pairing dinners, but just at home on the couch with some cheese, too. Libra in one glass of wine? A fine glass of Merlot. Deep, poetic, swoon-worthy.

Image Credit (from left): Roberta Sorge/Unsplash; Karen Arnold

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Scorpio: Tequila

23 October – 21 November

You don’t want to be bitten by a scorpion, and you don’t want to be bitten by a Scorpio either. Scorpios are intense. They have bold personalities and an intoxicating charm that easily lures in anyone who meets them. They’re feisty and they’re fun, and some of the most popular people around. Fittingly, the alcoholic spirit best suited to a scorpio is tequila: fiery, fierce, and very, very strong. Everyone loves tequila, but not everyone can handle it, and it’s this quality that makes up the very essence of a Scorpio. A Scorpio in one cocktail? A Long Island Ice Tea, combining all kinds of hefty spirits into one sip. Scorpios are going big or going home this 2019 (and as a quick spoiler alert: they’re really not headed home for sure).

Image Credit (from left): Francisco Galarza/Unsplash; Karen Arnold

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Sagittarius: Mezcal

22 November – 21 December

2019 is going to be the year of Mezcal, we kind of have a feeling. Like the less-mainstream and more mature Mexican sibling of tequila, Sagittarius shares many of the same traits. A Sagittarius is adventurous yet not overly daring; they’re intellectual but not pretentious. They’re curious and optimistic, and are the kind of people that are always fruitful to have around. Sagittarius in one cocktail? A Mezcal mule. Like a Moscow mule with a trendy twist, never underestimate the secret power of a Sagittarius (and Mezcal). Psst… it’s your year.

Image Credit (from left): Raw Pixel/Unsplash; Karen Arnold

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Capricorn: Campari

22 December – 19 January

Capricorns are represented by a mythological creature with a goat’s body and a fish tail. Larger-than-life in a similar way, the alcoholic spirit for Capricorn is Campari. The strikingly red bitter Italian spirit is an acquired taste, but a true classic enjoyed by those who know their alcohol. Similarly, Capricorns may not always make a gleaming first impression, yet are extremely loved for their thoughtfulness and generosity once you get to know them. Capricorn in one cocktail? A Negroni – the classic Italian cocktail that has made its way to Asia and gained many, many fans. On top of that, aperitivo culture is becoming a huge drinking trend this year, and you can bet your goat’s body and fish tail that Capricorns will truly ride that wave.

Image Credit (from left): Jacalyn Beales/Unsplash; Karen Arnold

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Aquarius: Rum

20 January – 18 February

Aquarius is an air sign, and seeing the sky as their limit, those born into it are known for being great thinkers, dreamers, and determined visionaries. They know not only of the coolest trends, but also how to set them, and are adored for their carefree nature. Rum is the alcoholic spirit to suit Aquarius, embracing the fun-loving and colourfully laidback culture of South America, where rum was first discovered. Like Aquarius, rum pairs well with many different mixers, and is a spirit heavily associated with a tropical holiday (think, Pina Coladas and Daiquiris). Aquarius in one cocktail? A Mojito. Super refreshing and very cool. You can never have too many mojitos (or Aquariuses).

Image Credit (from left): Johann Trasch/Unsplash; Karen Arnold

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Pisces: Sake

19 February – 20 March

The last constellation of the zodiac is also perhaps the sweetest. Pisces is a water sign, and is often labelled as an introvert, yet flourishes like a fish out of water once you get to know them. Pisces are honest and caring, and extremely likeable. Quiet and pure, much like sake, they’re a rarity that strays away from the mainstream spirits, but are a true obsession for those who get into it. Pisces know how to surprise people, much like sake, and its sweet presentation very much speaks for the cute personality traits every Pisces embodies. Pisces in one drink? Hot sake. Sensitive and refined, not everyone knows how to appreciate sake. Ah, but those who do. Pisces, you’re a real one.

Image Credit (from left): Raw Pixel/Unsplash; Karen Arnold

Here’s your alcoholic ‘spirit’ animal for 2019, according to your zodiac sign

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