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Here’s how to impress that boozehound who loves his spirits

With slightly over more than 25 days till Christmas, it’s time to tackle that shopping list. We know that it can be difficult trying to pick the perfect gift for that special someone in your life, which is why we’re here to lend a helping hand for Christmas 2018.

We all have that friend (or several) that absolutely adores their spirited drinks. They’re the ones who knows all the new bars that are popping up and know the difference between whisky and whiskey. These friends have a bar cart at home stocked with a bottles of liquors that you cannot pronounce and other assorted liqueurs that you could never for your life know what they’re for.

For friends like that in your life, we have the perfect list of gifts that you can get for them. Read on to find out more.

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L'Atelier du Vin Bilame cork pull

When opening a corked bottle of wine, there’s always a 50-50 chance of the cork potentially breaking. Then, you’re left with the option of having the cork being permanently lodged in the bottle or pushing it into the wine itself — and nobody likes wine with cork sediment. Enter the L’Atelier du Vin Bilame cork pull for the wine enthusiast in your life. You’ll immediately notice that this cork pull is not shaped like your regular twisted corkscrew. It has a two-pronged blade and works by slipping into the sides of the bottle opening and cork, allowing you to pull the cork out without piercing into it. It’s made in France and comes with a wooden blade cover so your receiver doesn’t accidentally go all “Final Destination” on guests at home.

RM138, L’Atelier du Vin Bilame

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Carry On Cocktail Kit

Beer, spirits, and wine are readily available on flights. But for that friend of yours who love their cocktails a bit too much, the Carry On Cocktail Kit is a genius gift idea. Each kit has enough ingredients to make two cocktails, so your friend can either share it with their travel partner or a even a potential future friend beside them on the plane. But that’s not all. Inside the kit are also useful tools such as a jigger, spoons, recipe cards, and two linen coasters. There are a lot of cocktails to choose from, including classic ones like the Old Fashioned, Gin & Tonic, Moscow Mule, Champagne Cocktail, Bloody Mary, and Hot Toddy. The best part is that they are also the ideal size to carry on. Perfect for that friend who travels a lot and loves their classic cocktails.

From RM100, W&P

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Corkcicle Whisky Wedge

Most whisky connoisseurs will attest to the fact that an ice ball is the most ideal shape to chill the spirit without watering it down too quickly. But have they tried a wedge-shaped ice yet? Enter the Corkcicle Whisky Wedge that fits at the side of your glass in an angular design that doesn’t melt quickly. It is both practical and a stunning design, a good fit for the whisky fan in your life. The kit comes with the silicone ice form and an Old Fashioned glass for the best fit.

RM75, Corkcicle

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Areaware Liquid Body Flask

Hip flasks often have a prerequisite design — and that can get boring, if not outdated. For the friend that loves carrying around a small swig, get them this Areaware Liquid Body Flask that’s designed to look like a fluid liquid pack. If you don’t want the standard silver flask, there’s a glossy white and matte black colour to choose from. The best part is that no two designs are the same, because according to Areaware: “Each flask has a unique shape created through hydroforming. Two sheets of surgical-grade stainless steel are welded together and inflated with water pressure, creating a slightly unique shape each time.”

RM250, Areaware

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Orrefors City Old Fashioned Glasses

Old Fashioned glasses are a staple in any boozehound’s home, but as with any quality glassware, more is always welcomed. Add to their collection with these Orrefors City Old Fashioned Glasses, designed by Martti Rytkönen. The double old fashioned sized glasses come in a set of four. The cut design on these glasses give off the illusion of a multi-faceted surface, which diffuses the light when the glasses are filled with the staple amber liquid. The cuts are not just aesthetical but also functional, as they provide extra grip to the glass.

RM250, Orrefors 

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Fire Road Profile Bottle Opener

The humble bottle opener is any home’s staple, just like a pair of scissors or screwdriver. That doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Liven up your friend’s home with this Profile Bottle Opener from Fire Road, fashioned out of an aluminium frame with a choice of wood or Carrara marble. It’s both sturdy and beautiful, making for a gorgeous and functional gift. You can both commemorate the gift by cracking open a bottle of beer.

From RM188, Fire Road

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The Drunken Botanist by Amy Stewart

Does your friend enjoy creating their own cocktails at home with plants? Do they also have a green thumb? If they do, they’ll definitely enjoy this book by Amy Stewart. The Drunken Botanist talks about how over 150 plants, trees, fruits, and flowers form the base of our favourite cocktails. There are also tips on growing your own cocktail-approved plants, as well as over 50 drinks recipes. It makes for a gorgeous addition to your friend’s book shelf, and also a good read for the plant and drink enthusiast.

RM93, Book Depository


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Here’s how to impress that boozehound who loves his spirits

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