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So we talked Chatuchak and Thai spirits with Nick Monthon of Plot Twist Bar

Basking under the sun with a view of the central train terminal, comes a man in suspenders stirring and shaking his way into the hearts of his patrons. Ladies and Gentlemen, Nick Monthon of Plot Twist Bar, Chatuchak.

Getting inside Plot Twist bar for the first time can be a bit confusing. It’s not really a hidden bar as there is a huge sign pointing to where the bar is, but it does have an air of mystery to it. You go up an elevator, then through a set of curtains, then up the stairs. Greeting you will be a team of attentive staff who will make you feel at ease, surrounding you with a sense of luxury while not feeling uptight.

Welcoming you with his signature suspenders on, bar manager of Plot Twist Bar Nick Monthon is a man that plays with fire—literally. Hailing from the opulent Lennon’s, and as a brand ambassador of Thai spirit Kosapan, and recently being the talk of the town at Iron Balls – The Parlour, his love of spirits goes even beyond his own bar.

For that reason, we sat down at his bar, downed the welcome shots (plural), and then proceeded to talk all the things we want to know. Here’s how the it went.

[Hero and featured image credit: Nick Monthon/Iron Balls – The Parlour]

Interview: Nick Monthon of Plot Twist Bar

Image credit: Plot Twist Bar

Why is your bar called Plot Twist?

“We envisioned this place to be a proper, luxurious cocktail bar—a five-star bar in this area is something you wouldn’t expect,” Nick says. To our knowledge, Plot Twist is the first cocktail bar of this kind near Chatuchak market. Sure, there are great cocktail bars to the Ladprao and Ari area, but it’s refreshing to see the cocktail culture spreading westward to the area more known for beers and sangria.

“I see a market here, and I hope for Plot Twist to become a bar that represents a part of what people think of when they come to Chatuchak, and maybe support the local community in a way.”

So how do you represent Chatuchak’s culture?

“First, there’s a lot of street food, a lot of things to choose from, and I can’t recommend just one. Anyone who goes on a stroll down the market knows, and there’s a lot of tourists, too. A number of them enjoy a good aperitif before food, and a cocktail bar like us is an easy integration into that part of their culture. Many spirits help us prepare our palate and make us enjoy a good dish more, and I think it’s quite underrated.”

“One of our cocktails aims to feature that aspect, titled ‘Hint of Chatuchak.’ The coconut water is really refreshing and prominent, and it’s one of the first things people are greeted with as they walk into Chatuchak market.”

nick monthon
Image credit: Nick Monthon/ironballs.theparlour

Seeing as you’re the brand ambassador for Kosapan, what’s so special about Thai spirits?

“Thailand is known across the world to be very rich in resources and interesting ingredients, and this plays a huge part in the process of making alcohol. The fermentation, the distillation—the quality of the ingredients do make a difference, and that difference you can taste.”

“I want people to become more interested in Thai spirits. When there’s more demand, there’s more competition within the market. Companies will be on their toes looking for quality ingredients to compete with each other. Thai spirits are incredible, and deserve to be seen and tasted by many more people globally.”

If you’re making a Thai classic cocktail, how would you do it?

“Of course, we would have to use Thai ingredients and really push them into the spotlight. There’s a lot of ideas going on in my head right now, but of course, we’d use Thai ingredients. We have an advantage in terms of resources, so we’re definitely going to use that.”

Image credit: Plot Twist Bar

What are your favourite bars, excluding your own bar?

“I have a few: Lennon’s; it’s my old workplace, but I genuinely like the place. It has a solid concept using vinyls, and being an old soul. Lennon’s really hit the spot. Firefly; the live jazz there is amazing, and the cigar room they have is great. Bar.Yard; they have a bit of everything, and they do it well. You can get a nice dinner, great cocktails, and a fun place to party with friends.”

If you can only drink one type of spirit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

“Whisky. There’s little details and nuances that set apart each whisky from another, depending on the process, the location, the ingredients, and more. I like to learn about the process before tasting, and guessing the taste by its ingredients. Whisky is an artform in itself.”

Plot Twist Bar is located at Floor 6.5 of Best Western Chatuchak, open daily from 6pm-midnight. You can find more information at Plot Twist Bar.

So we talked Chatuchak and Thai spirits with Nick Monthon of Plot Twist Bar

Vichayuth Chantan

Writer, Bangkok

A bar enthusiast with passion for good food, Vichayuth can be found trying out new menus and making friends over drinks. His hobbies include video games, listening to live music, and silently judging you from across the room.

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