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7 outdoor cafes in Bangkok to escape the concrete jungle

Outdoor cafes are a dose of relaxation and greenery that is perfect for escaping the the high rises. Here are some great outdoor cafes in Bangkok to check out.

The hustle and the bustle of the city can make us overwhelmed. At times, we need a spot to recharge our energy. Although Bangkok has countless places to cafe-hop, it’s also completely justified to yearn for little pockets of outdoors and greenery. Here, we’ve curated a list of outdoor cafes in Bangkok for a short and sweet escape from the busy city.

[Hero Image Credit: Darryl Low/Unsplash]

Portobello & Desire Cafe is a favourite among Thai celebrities. This English country-home style garden cafe lets you savour homemade dishes and desserts in a lovely vintage ambience. Be on the lookout for the specials of the day and bring your friends and family along to unwind in the relaxing experience.

[Image Credit: Portobello & Desire Cafe]

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Nestled in the Thonglor area, this cafe offers you a break from the busy streets of Bangkok. Besides coffee and dessert, they offer various dishes using locally-sourced ingredients from the countryside, too. Perfect for a weekend treat.

 [Image Credit: Patom]


Wind down with a cup of coffee at the Flowerpot Cafe. Their indoor garden will make you feel as if you’re stepping into a family’s home garden. Order their signature flowerpot cake and soak in the soul-soothing ambience of the cafe that is decorated full of plants and flowers to help restore your zen.

[Image Credit: Flowerpot Cafe]

Come Escape Cafe might help to bring you some respite if you’re looking for a short escape. It’s also a stylish place to stop by for a light snack and drinks when you’re feeling peckish. Don’t worry, the cafe is well-shaded so it’s cooling enough for you to curb your sweet tooth in the afternoon.

[Image Credit: Come Escape Cafe]

If you’re both a cafe and nature lover, you can’t miss out on Natura Cafe. This outdoor cafe has a lush garden that will transport you to a tropical forest without leaving the capital. They go by the concept of synergising traditional Thai art and food with modern elements. What’s more, every corner of this outdoor cafe is perfect for the ‘gram, too.

[Image Credit: Natura Garden Cafe]

Known for their creative drinks, The Cottage 66 is an excellent place to get a quick caffeine fix while chillaxing in the green patio. They offer a variety of desserts to satisfy your craving for a mid-afternoon snack. Your four-legged friends are welcome, too.

[Image Credit: The Cottage 66]

Hong Sieng Kong will make you forget about your stress and worries after being cooped up at home for too long. This riverside cafe is where you feel a nice Chao Phraya river breeze while enjoying your favourite drinks and coffee. Make sure you head there before the sunset to get an awesome shot for the ‘gram.

[Image Credit: Hong Sieng Kong]

7 outdoor cafes in Bangkok to escape the concrete jungle

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