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Where to drink in Bangkok this September

It’s Bangkok, so of course, there’ll always be something new when it comes to drinking. Knowing where to drink is key, and we have just what you need. Here are the best places to drink in Bangkok for this month of September.

Many say that one of the best places to be when it starts pouring is at a quaint, little bar. With a carefully-crafted drink in hand, some relaxing music playing, and the attentive staff tending to your needs, it might as well be heaven. If that sounds like so for you too, let us update you on what’s new in the bar scene. After all, there’s always something refreshing in Bangkok when it comes to drinking.

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Where to drink in Bangkok this September 2022

Image credit: W Hotel Bangkok

A new history-inspired menu debuts at The Bar at The House on Sathorn

The House on Sathorn is a building with immensely rich history, and their new cocktail menu has debuted to commemorate all the memories that have been shared in that iconic space. There are four sets, with each set harkening back to a specific era.

“The History of Sathorn” was created in honour of Luang Sathorn Rajayukta, a Chinese businessman-turned-royal-elite who constructed the Sathorn Canal. “Hotel Royal” pays tribute to the time when Madame A. Staro turned the place into a luxury hotel of the same name during the 1920s. “Embassy Row” is to give a nod to how Sathorn Road has become one of Bangkok’s preferred addresses when it comes to foreign affairs, including the time when the building was leased to the Soviet Union as the first Russian Embassy in Thailand. And finally, “The Present” is designed to give a shoutout to the now—The House has become a well-recognised structure in Sathorn as it stands amongst skyscrapers, offices, and commercial areas.

Each set is carefully crafted with drinks and food revolving around the history of the era, and we know we love a bit of a story to our drinks. With the DJ playing behind the station and the unique vibes that the place gives off, it’s simply perfect for your next social gathering.

You can find out more information at The Bar at The House on Sathorn.

Image credit: #FindTheLockerRoom

Find The Locker Room launches a menu of throwbacks

This hidden speakeasy recently debuted their new drinks menu titled “Time Capsule V1” throwing back to the eras of the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Get into the “Flower Power,” a gin-based drink made from symbolising the slogan of passive resistance and non-violence during the 60s. Grab your tridents and “Storm The Seas,” a concoction commemorating Queen’s first radio hit in the 70s. Or escape from the busy city and “Have Fun,” a cocktail to remind you of all the empowerment and fun car karaokes with Cyndi Lauper’s forever iconic hit from the 80s.

You can find out more information at Find The Locker Room.

Image credit: JHOL

JHOL introduces new cocktails with cultural homages

Our favourite coastal Indian restaurant just introduced five new cocktails that are full of inventive flair and refreshing cultural homages. For this new season, try the “Indian Porn Star,” a fun take on the classic porn star martini with vodka, passion fruit, amaretto, vanilla and yuzu foam, and topped with cardamom candy floss. Our favourite drink from the menu has to be the “Macha, Where Are You Da?”, a strong concoction featuring Amrut single malt whiskey from Bangalore, served in a chocolate-rimmed glass and garnished with delicious candied ginger. The scent of whiskey in contrast with the sweet aftertaste of chocolate is a great combo that will linger in your mind for days on end.

You can find out more information at JHOL.

Image credit: Vie Hotel Bangkok

Piano Bar at Vie Hotel Bangkok opens in Ratchathewi

Who would have expected such a gorgeous drinking spot to pop up in the Ratchathewi area? Located on the ground floor of the Vie Hotel Bangkok, Piano Bar offers guests mouthwatering bar food invented by Chef Jacky, Winner of Iron Chef Thailand 2018 and 2022, along with “zero waste” mixology by Khun Zen as he crafts his creations with both care and sustainability in mind. Plus, it wouldn’t be a piano bar without some tunes in the air, for they feature live jazz sessions on the regular for your enjoyment.

You can find out more information at the Piano Bar.

Where to drink in Bangkok this September

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