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Where to drink this Valentine’s Day, based on your relationship status

Are you single? Happily married? Divorced with kids you’re not legally allowed to visit? We have the best places to drink for everyone this Valentine’s Day.

The days where you can simply describe your relationship status in a few words are long gone. You’re not just single or not, maybe it’s complicated, maybe it’s a more-than-two-people situation, maybe you don’t want to label it yet. We understand and respect all of those relationships—not equally, but we do. Let us show you the places to bring your significant other, if the other party is uncomfortable with you labelling them as such.

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Where to drink on Valentine’s Day, based on your relationship status

Image credit: Vesper/Facebook

Your relationship status: Single
Your Valentine’s Day bar: Vesper

Vesper welcomes any crowd, including the ones coming solo. With the arrival of their new ‘People of Vesper’ menu, it’s the perfect place to celebrate yourself and your individuality. Many times, you don’t need anyone else to realise your worth, so long as you do. Treat yourself and celebrate yourself with one drink at Vesper, or more.

Find out more at Vesper.

Image credit: opmbkk/Facebook

Your relationship status: Dating
Your Valentine’s Day bar: Opium Bar

Okay, you’re in the dating zone, and you need a little something to push you further into the relationship. You need that extra spark in their eyes. Take them to Opium Bar. With good drinks and great vibes, who knows what would happen? Being a hidden bar, it adds that sense of mysteriousness that makes for a great conversation starter. Plus, you can both grab something savoury from Yaowarat afterwards, too.

Find out more at Opium Bar.

Image credit: Ms.Jigger/Facebook

Your relationship status: In a relationship
Your Valentine’s Day bar: Ms. Jigger

Relationships can get quite stale after a while. Refresh your love with an intimate moment at Ms.Jigger. Their curated cocktail experience goes great with their amazing Italian dishes. Imagine having a Negroni in hand, some cichetti on the table, and being surrounded by the romantic yet lively vibes of the venue. You might just fall in love all over again.

Find out more at Ms. Jigger.

Image credit: BELGA Rooftop Bar & Brasserie/Facebook

Your relationship status: Married
Your Valentine’s Day bar: Belga Rooftop Bar & Brasserie

Belga is a great destination for a special date when you’re already comfortable with your significant other. Maybe you’re just in the mood for a couple craft beers and Belgian fries, and maybe you want to bring your kids along, too. It’s a treat for the whole family, with rooftop city views to suit.

Find out more at Belga.

Image credit: Black Cabin/Facebook

Your relationship status: Married, but not for much longer
Your Valentine’s Day bar: Black Cabin

Marriage has it perks, but anything with upsides has its downsides. Once you choose to embrace the latter and make the announcement, set your course on the GPS to Black Cabin. Their live rock sessions are not only great sounding, but will mask your sadness and their contempt for you almost completely. Once that’s done, order yourself several beers—you’ve earned it.

Find out more at Black Cabin.

Image credit: Asia Today/Facebook

Your relationship status: It’s complicated
Your Valentine’s Day bar: Asia Today

We know who you are and what your deal is—we’re not here to judge. Asia Today is perfect for a casual night out. Their drinks menu is full of fun, inventive cocktails. Their staff are very attentive and caring. And the crowd is creative, cool, and interesting; perfect for the wandering eye. They just have it all—a floating shark included.

Find out more at Asia Today.

Image credit: Alonetogether Bangkok/Facebook

Your relationship status: Friends with benefits
Your Valentine’s Day bar: Alongetogether

Get it? You’re alone together? Puns aside, Alonetogether has great drinks and even greater jazz. If that doesn’t put you in the mood, what will? We know you didn’t invite this person alone just for a drink and then to go home, so these elements will surely help. Plus, it’s in near vicinity of many cool hotels around the area that you can check out together.

Find out more at Alonetogether.

Image credit: Mischa Cheap/Facebook

Your relationship status: Still friends, but wanting benefits
Your Valentine’s Day bar: Mischa Cheap

Khaosan Road is a lawless land you know and love. Let’s visit one of the more presentable venues and try if the magic works. If it doesn’t, Mischa Cheap’s fun ambience and affordable drinks might just do. Their themed nights won’t hurt either. If this still doesn’t work for your situationship, we’re all out of ideas.

Find out more at Mischa Cheap.

Image credit: Anaconda – Latino Nikkei Bar/Facebook

Your relationship status: Toxic relationship
Your Valentine’s Day bar: Anaconda Bar

I mean, they have a cocktail with an absinthe base. It couldn’t get more toxic than that. Dance your abuse away at Anaconda. They’re full of drinks, lively people, and entertainment so fun you’ll forget about underlying insecurities for the evening. Grab your best group of friends and book a table.

But keep in mind that if you’re in a toxic relationship, your significant other is probably there, too, so make your next drink extra strong.

Find out more at Anaconda Bangkok.

Where to drink this Valentine’s Day, based on your relationship status

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