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12 Bangkok eateries to amp up your salad game

Nothing screams healthy like a good old salad. With the 21st century bringing more health conscious lifestyles, veggie-centric dishes seem to be more popular than ever.

Now, we tried all the plain salads the city has to offer and knew there was just so much more out there. Why stop at boring when there is so much gourmet and greens-heavy fare to choose from in Bangkok? If you’re circling around town looking for some super bowls to power through your day or you’re keen to kickstart that dreaded diet, take a look at our 12 absolute favourite bowls below. These, in our opinion, are worthy of lunch, dinner and everything in between.

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Quince Eatery & Bar

Quince is all about organic, wholesome and Mediterranean-inspired fare that the kitchen whips up from wild-caught seafood and farm-grown vegetables from Hua Hin and Laos. Tuck into the smoked eggplant salad showered in a nutty romesco sauce, topped with yoghurt and puffed buckwheat (THB 270). Or opt for the roasted pumpkin salad (THB 310) which is composed of a beautiful layer of shaved pumpkin, goat cheese, a sprinkling of sage, arugula and pumpkin seeds. It’s a perfect combination of flavours and textures you can’t go wrong with.

Quince Eatery & Bar, 4 Sukhumvit Soi 45, Bangkok, +6699 130 4333

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Known for its rainbow smoothie and acai bowls, Brekkie Organic Café & Juice Bar actually serves more than what it’s known for. Diners can expect to find a range of veggie-based dishes here such as sesame-crusted tuna (THB 290) with wild rocket salad and the spicy salmon and greens (THB 330). Those who want a complete meal out of a salad can rest assured that Brekkie will surely deliver. Order the pan-fried salmon paired with – not just greens – but also a delicious quinoa salad seasoned with lime vinaigrette, served with a swoosh of savoury beetroot and sunchoke sauce (THB 380).

Brekkie, 6/9 Soi Promsri, Sukhumvit 39, Bangkok, +66 83 656 6141
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Broccoli Revolution

Settle into the corner of Sukhumvit 49 and let Broccoli Revolution – with all its jungle-themed decor – trick you into thinking you’re dining in an evergreen forest. Centred around the goal of promoting healthy eating, the establishment is best known for its plant-based menu, so there it is no wonder that salad dishes are included. Fancy being a bit adventurous with your greens? Go for the Phnom Penh salad (THB 180), the Cambodian-style tofu salad tossed in a bright cumin-y dressing. Or the Kayanthee Thoke (THB 160), which is a Myanmar grilled eggplant salad with white sesame seeds and sauce.

Broccoli Revolution, 899 Sukhumvit Soi 49, Bangkok, +6695 251 9799
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Cafe Tartine

Situated in Soi Ruam Rudee, Café Tartine is a French-fused breakfast spot which has proven to us that fancy-sounding salads can be both impressive in tastes and in looks. Go straight for the Nordic — smoked salmon, eggs, red onion, capers, salad greens tossed in oniony shallot dressing (THB 230); Chèvre, which is goat cheese salad with garlicky croutons, roasted pepper and greens (THB 223). Or opt for the Cobb (THB 240) if you love your salad minced and chopped. It is loaded with peak-season veggies and a creaminess which oozes out from the eggs; plus, the saltiness from the crunchy bacon will without fail turn what would be a ‘meh’ green salad into a marvellous one in no time.

Cafe Tartine, 65 Wireless Road, Lumpini, Bangkok, +662 168 5464
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Farm To Table Organic Cafe

Farm-to-table concept is the obvious reason why the salads here have a fresher-taste than the store-bought ones you see and taste regularly. Situated on Atsadang Road, this one-room café is a humble gem hidden within the tourist areas of Wat Pho and the Golden Palace. Although the venue is known for its homemade organic ice cream, what rival the creamy delicacy is the sumptuous roasted chicken salad (THB 82). Marinated in spices, the chicken is moist and umami-packed. Once paired with the farm-grown lettuce, juicy tomato, soft-boiled egg, golden-baked crouton and vinegar dressing, this super bowl gives you the crunch and zing you need in any perfect meal.

Farm To Table179 Atsadang Road, Bangkok, +662 115 2625

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Garden Salad by Ms.Chu

If you are intending to have a plant-based meal, do it at the Garden Salad by Ms.Chu. The venue specializes in salad and is a maze for fitness buffs who are looking for a comfort meal that’s both hearty and nutritious, all at the same time. The menu features both European and Thai-inspired salads, for example: Caesar salad with pungent parmesan and dressing (THB 100). Thai roasted chicken (THB 100), grilled pork (THB 90) and smoked salmon (THB 185) are also available as well. Want your meal to be both high-carb and fibre-rich? Get a side of brown rice which the venue suggests pairs best with your salads.

Garden Salad by Ms.ChuD-Art Building 69/75 Phayathai, Bangkok, +6687 352 8800

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Rocket Coffeebar
Known to be the chic coffee haunt where the city-dwellers go for their caffeine fix, pause a bit and look beyond because they’ve got so much more to offer. At Rocket Coffeebar, the venue is bringing not only quality coffee and café food to the table but also quality fruit and greens to your plate. Enjoy the Crabo-Cado (THB 330), the avocado swooshed salad served with crab meat dressed in red bell pepper sauce, topped with julienned apples and diced avocado. Or opt for the Gravlax & Baby Potato (THB 210), a mixed salad deftly seasoned in the honey mustard dressing before getting a beautiful garnish of the silky smoked salmon.
Rocket Coffeebar, 149 Sathorn Soi 12, Bangkok, +662 635 0404

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Rasayana Retreat

Named after the ancient Sanskrit word for “rejuvenation”, Rasayana is the city’s retreat located in the heart of Bangkok, Sukhumvit 39. Specializing in an approach to holistic health, the venue offers everything from colon hydrotherapy, cleansing programmes, yoga, aromatherapy and therapeutic massages. But what better way to rejuvenate if not through eating? That’s why Rasayana Retreat also features a raw food café within its establishment, serving everything from plant-based starters, raw soups, pasta, salads and pressed juices. The must-try salads here are the pomelo (THB 180), beetroot (THB 180) and taco salads (THB 210). Try also the Thai-style kale coleslaw (THB 190) dressed in a creamy honey miso dressing which goes perfectly well with the bitterness from this powerhouse leafy vegetable.

Rasayana Retreat, 57 Soi Prom-mitr , Sukhumvit 39, Bangkok, +66 2662 4803

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Simple. Natural Kitchen

Nestled in the street of Sukhumvit 31, Simple. Natural Kitchen is an urban eatery focused on fresh and wholesome produce. This natural kitchen serves up traditional western fare like full English breakfast, eggs benedict, and eggplant shakshuka. But for those who crave a hearty salad, the venue’s take on their salad game is outrageous and perfectly nuanced. We particularly recommend the zucchini salad (THB 190) in which the summer squash is thinly shaved to keep its crunch before it gets tossed in sweet-and-sour dressing and topped with a sprinkling of parmesan.

Simple. Natural Kitchen235/5 Soi Sawatdi, Sukhumvit 31 Road, Bangkok, +662 662 2510

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Organika House Cafe

Organika Café & Restaurant is a whitewashed glasshouse situated in Piman 49. Inspired from ancient Ayurvedic philosophies, the outlet is serving up healthy tea sets, brunch, lunch, and dinner. Saunter over there if you love a good stone fruit salad. Opt for the Organika rocket salad (THB 280) which features superb peaches grown in Chiangmai that are paired with the peppery rocket leaves and served with a generous drizzling of balsamic dressing and a scattering of blue cheese and caramel nuts.

Organika House Cafe, 6th floor, Building A, Piman 49, Soi Sukhumvit 49, Bangkok, +662 665 1899

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Chu Chocolate Bar & Cafe

The name “chocolate bar” may suggest a full-fat menu, but really Chu is one of Bangkok’s experts in cooking up a storm of wholesome meals. The cafe serves up classic salads like the smoked salmon (THB 240) and tuna salad (THB 170). But the go-to one is the breakfast salad (THB 190) which feature plain mixed greens that are elevated with poached egg, garlicky croutons, tomatoes, and a bright dressing. Sounds plain, but the dish is guaranteed to give big flavours.

Chu Chocolate Bar & Cafe, Exchange Tower Branch, Asoke, Bangkok, +662 663 4554
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Best known as a wellness centre with a holistic approach combining vegetarian food, yoga, and Ayurveda, Suananda’s Vegetarian Garden Café is an oasis of health for foodies nestled in one of the city’s most bustling areas: Silom. The salad highlights here include Thai-style Lahpet Thoke (fermented tea leaves salad) with creamy cashew mustard dressing (THB 160); falafel salad with hummus (THB 180); steamed vegetables coated in cashew cream (THB 160); rice seeds puffs with blanched broccoli and house-made paneer (THB 180).

Suananda, 109/9 Thanon Pan, Silom, Bangkok, +6680 805 4318

12 Bangkok eateries to amp up your salad game

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