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8 vegan recipes to replicate your favourite dishes

Adopting a vegan lifestyle doesn’t mean depriving yourself of scrumptious food. With these vegan recipes off the top of your head, you can still enjoy your good old favourites at any time.

Whether it’s for health or ethical reasons, you can make anything you eat vegan. However, it’s only if you know the right recipes that don’t compromise on flavours and tailor them to your vegan diet. It’s a challenging process having to learn some new recipes. But there’s totally no need to limit yourself when you feel a junk or comfort food craving coming on. Here, we’ve curated a list of recipes to veganise your favourite dishes or even revamp your original recipes.

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Vegan Cheese Fries

This vegan chilli cheese fries recipe will make your mouth water. The oil-free crispy fries are topped with layers of comforting spicy chilli and creamy vegan cheese sauce. The ultimate snack food for any party or game day.

Vegan Burgers

Nothing beats the In-N-Out burgers, but this version tastes just like the real thing. You would never think that the iconic fast food can be dairy- and meat-free. Try this vegan recipe and it’ll have you forgetting all about the beef.

Vegan Tacos

These meatless tacos will please even the most adamant carnivores. Especially if you’re craving the ceviche tacos, this recipe makes your job so much easy. Just make sure you have hearts of palm on hand as a raw-fish substitute. Each bite will send your taste buds into overdrive.

Vegan Carbonara

Most of the ingredients in the original carbonara sauce are off-limits, so it might be a little difficult to veganise. However, this vegan recipe captures the essence of original like no other. It’s rich, silk, studded with meaty bites but of course plant-based.

Vegan Toasted Sandwiches

These two flavour-packed vegan toasted sandwiches will certainly up your sandwich games. Whether you prefer mushroom and carnalized onion or roasted capsicum with pesto, you’ll never get bored of your midday sandwiches again.

Vegan Tuna Sushi

Being vegan doesn’t mean you have to give up on tuna. This vegan recipe uses ‘tomato tuna’ that gives savoury and umami-rich flavours and perfectly mimics the flavours of tuna. Together with a dollop of spicy vegan mayo, it will delight every sushi lover.

Vegan Hamburger Steak

If you have never tried vegan hamburger steak before, you have to give it a whirl. It has a softer and lighter texture compared to the original version as it uses 100% plant-based meat from More Meat. However, it’s a fantastic dish for vegans who love Japanese food but still want to enjoy their favourite sauce.

Vegan Lasagna

You need to check this out if you’re looking for an easy and delicious vegan recipe to feed your family. Loaded with hearty and velvety tofu ricotta, it’s the epitome of excellent comfort food during cold days.

8 vegan recipes to replicate your favourite dishes

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