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9 best mooncakes to order in Bangkok this Mid-Autumn Festival

The 2021 mid-autumn festival is fast approaching. Here is where to order mooncakes that will take you over the moon.  

We all know the first thing that comes to mind with the Mid-Autumn Festival, mooncakes!

The ongoing lockdown has prevented us from celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival in the traditional manner. But that does not stop us from rejoicing in the must-have, full moon-shaped dessert. Let’s be honest: mooncakes might actually be our favourite tradition. Does missing out on cultural shows, food stalls, beauty pageants, lanterns, and lights mean more mooncakes to make up for the missed traditions? We think so. 

From our go-to cafes to luxe hotels, mooncakes are everywhere. To make decision-making a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of places to order the most ethereal and delectable mooncakes from in Bangkok.

[Hero and Featured Image Credit: Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park]

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Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok at Chao Praya River

This year, Four Seasons is offering unique and original mooncakes. Baked with black truffle, lotus seed paste, and salted egg yolk, it is the perfect amalgamation of sweet and salty. Each mooncake passionately handcrafted, the traditional, festive dessert is packaged in an exquisitely designed collector’s box that features one-of-a-kind artwork from the hotel. A set includes four mooncakes and alluring packaging (THB 2,288 net). A limited collection of 500 sets are available.

Call 02-032-0885 or email festive.bangkok@fourseasons.com to order. 

[Image Credit: Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok at Chao Praya River]

Mooncake Set
THB 2,288

2 /9

Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok

With four exclusive flavours to choose from, Mandarin Oriental Bangkok carries on its tradition of introducing a new flavour each year! Along with their all-time classic choices – Custard, Salted Lotus Seed with Egg Yolk, and Durian with Egg Yolk, their new flavour for this year is Caramel Butter with Macadamia Nuts (yum!). You have a choice between ‘The Oriental Classic Box’ (THB 818 net) which includes eight mooncakes and ‘The Oriental Luxury Box’ (THB 2,588 net) which includes eight mooncakes and TWG special blend, exclusively for Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok. 

To make things more exhilarating, the hotel has desirable prizes hidden in each of ‘The Oriental Classic Box’, with a total of 145 prizes ranging from fine dining to a one-night stay in the hotel’s iconic Oriental Suite! 

Available until 21st September, 2021, order from their online shop. 

[Image Credit: Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok]

The Oriental Luxury Box
THB 2,588
The Oriental Classic Box
THB 818

3 /9

Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok

Gracefully designed, Kimpton Maa-Lai offers four different classic flavours this year. The Mid-Autumn mooncake flavours are Durian Egg, Thai Tea, Mixed Nuts, and Cappuccino Walnuts. 

Fully embracing the Moon Festival, the hotel offers a gift set inclusive of four different-flavoured mooncakes, a spherical moon lamp with remote and batteries all packaged in an orange acrylic box (THB 2,288). 

Available until 31st August, 2021, order from CRAFT.

[Image Credit: Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok ]

Gift Set
THB 2,288

4 /9

The Okura Prestige Bangkok

Celebrate the Moon Festival with The Okura Prestige Bangkok’s Fantastic Furoshiki mooncakes. The mooncakes reflect the four seasons with distinct flavours: Sakura for spring, Lavender for summer, Orange for autumn, and Sweet Potato with Egg Yolk for winter. They also offer classic options, eight gourmet mooncakes filled with Monthong Durian and Egg Yolk or filled with homemade custard (THB 1,288). These sweet delights are packaged in bento-style wooden boxes and wrapped in brightly printed, reusable Japanese Furoshiki cotton. 

Available until 21st September, 2021, order at La Pâtisserie. 

[Image Credit: The Okura Prestige Bangkok]

Eight Gourmet Mooncakes
THB 1,288

5 /9

The St. Regis Bangkok

The St. Regis Bangkok offers timeless mooncake flavours with an exclusive box design. The quintessential festive pastries’ fillings include durian, mixed nuts, lotus seed, and red bean. The four assorted mooncakes are presented in a specially-designed, multipurpose box which can be used for other means once the mooncakes have been consumed (THB 1,288 net). You can also order individual mooncakes (THB 198 / piece). 

Available until 21st September, 2021, order at The Lounge.  

[Image Credit: The St. Regis Bangkok]

Four Assorted Mooncakes Box
THB 1,288
Individual Mooncake
THB 198

6 /9

Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park

presented in contemporary gift boxes. Baked with premium ingredients, a selection of these seasonal delicacies are available. The traditional flavours can be purchased individually or in boxes of four. The options include White Lotus Seed with Macadamia Nuts (THB 228 / piece, THB 1,088 for four), Pork Bak-Kwa with Assorted Nuts (THB 238 / piece, THB 1,088 for four). White Lotus and Melon Seeds with a Single Yolk (THB 188 / piece, THB 988 for four), and Chanthaburi Durian and White Lotus Seeds with an Egg Yolk (THB 188 / piece, THB 988 for four). 

As for the signature varieties, they come in boxes of six, the flavours are Rich and Creamy Salted Egg Yolk Vanilla Custard (THB 1,188) and Malted Chocolate Rocher Mooncake (THB 888). Customers can also get an assorted box of mini signature mooncakes with three of each flavour (THB 988). 

Available until 21st September, 2021, call 02-059-5999 or email restaurant-reservations@bkkqp@marriotthotels.com for self-pickup. Order via Robinhood or Grab for delivery. 

[Image Credit: Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park]

Individual Mooncakes
THB 188 - 238
Gift Sets
THB 888 - THB 1,188

7 /9

The Athenee Hotel

Home-crafted recipes and enchanting box designs are what The Athenee Hotel mooncakes are all about this year. There are two gift box options; ‘The Athenee Hotel Signature Box’ (THB 988 net), inclusive of four mooncakes and a box decorated with red and gold colouring and a peony flower; ‘The Bouquet Amor Art Box’ (THB 1,688 net), inclusive of four mooncakes elegantly presented in a Bouquet Amor art box. You can also order individual mooncakes, these come in seven different flavours – Sea Salted Caramel (THB 288), Red Bean and Red Ginger (THB 288), Lotus Seed with Egg Yolk (THB 238), Rich Custard (THB 238), Mixed Nuts with Egg Yolk (THB 238), Chanthaburi Durian with Egg Yolk (THB 238), Mandarin Yuzu and Macadamia (THB 238). 

Call 02-650-8800 to order. 

[Image Credit: The Athenee Hotel]

The Athenee Hotel Signature Box
THB 988
The Bouquet Amor Art Box
THB 1688
Individual Mooncake
THB 238 - THB 288

8 /9

Shangri-la Hotel, Bangkok

Shangri-la Hotel’s classic mooncake collection comes in various packages and revolves around the mythological creature, the phoenix. The classic mooncake selection includes Mixed Fruits and Nuts, Durian, Lotus Seed, and Red Bean Filling with Single Egg Yolk, Cream Custard Mini Mooncakes, and Snow Skin Cream Custard and Bird’s Nest Mini Mooncakes. Customers can select a set of two, four, six, or eight pieces from the seven sets. The seven sets are; Duo Delight Set: two pieces of any flavour except Mixed Fruits and Nuts; Duo Delight Set: Mixed Fruits and Nuts; Double Happiness Set: Mixed Fruits and Nuts, Durian, Lotus Seed, Red Bean (one piece each); Double Happiness Set: Mixed Fruits and Nuts; Mini Mooncake Set: Cream Custard; Snow Skin Mini Mooncake Set: Cream Custard and Bird’s Nest; Blissful Set: Mixed Fruits and Nuts, Durian, Lotus Seed, Red Bean (two pieces each). Prices range from THB 398 net to THB 2,198 net per box. 

Available until 23rd September, 2021, order online, or call 02-206-8605, or email mooncake.slbk@shangri-la.com 

[Image Credit: Shangri-la Hotel Bangkok ]

9 /9

Lotus Luxury: Anantara Siam

For the Mid-Autumn Festival 2021, Lotus Luxury: Anantara Siam is paying homage to the most sacred flower in Thai culture – the lotus – with their mooncakes. The handcrafted seasonal delicacies are presented in a purse-like box with a lotus embossed in gold foil on a burgundy backdrop of either a leather or cardboard box. You have a choice between ‘The Premium Box’ (THB 1,088+) and the ‘The Luxury Leather Box’ (THB 1,588+), both inclusive of four mooncakes of any flavour of choice. Lotus Seed Single Yolk, Jujube Single Yolk, Durian Single Yolk, Custard, and Black Bean Green Tea are the flavours you can choose from. 

Available until 21st September, 2021, order at Mocha & Muffins. 

[Image Credit: Lotus Luxury: Anantara Siam] 

The Premium Box
THB 1,088+
The Luxury Leather Box
THB 1588+
9 best mooncakes to order in Bangkok this Mid-Autumn Festival

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