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Lo and Behold: the very best chocolate chip cookie recipes on the interwebs

Name a cookie more palatable and soul-satisfying than the chocolate chip cookie.

The chocolate chunk-speckled cookie has long been a crowd favourite. It’s versatile and hits all the right notes whenever a dessert is needed. And of course, the store-bought ones never really disappoint, but there’s something about the homemade from-scratch version that really brings real contentment and joy to the table.

So for cookie monsters searching for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe, we’ve listed the ones we’ve tried, tested and cannot wait to taste again. There are slightly variable ingredients which go into each recipe, so pick the one your taste buds will most want to gorge on.

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5 Pro Chef Secrets for Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies

For the OG chocolate chip cookies, Bigger Bolder Baking will walk you through her foolproof recipes with five main tips on how to achieve the best quality chocolate chip cookies at home. Her version is golden-brown with a caramelised centre yet with a crispy edge and big chunks of semi-melted chocolate.

Sourdough Chocolate Chip Cookies

For a depth of flavour in your cookies, try incorporating some sourdough starter for a pleasant tang and slightly more doughy texture. The Boy Who Bakes also did “Cookie Chronicles” where he tested out many different famed recipes, questing for the best chocolate chip recipe over on his channel. So if sourdough is not your calling, then check out the other versions to see which one fits most to your standard.

Cookie Dough Cookies with Christina Tosi

Christina Tosi is all about naughty, fun-filled desserts – and this one is no exception. And for those who enjoy munching on raw cookie dough but are afraid to get sick, this recipe boasts a soft-centred, dough-like texture whilst the crust holds a great crunch so you’ll get both mouthfeels all at once.

New York-style Chocolate Chip Cookies

Rejoice, because now you can recreate the notorious Levain Bakery’s signature chocolate chip cookies at home. Unlike the typical flat-shaped cookie, their plump and thick version features ooey-gooey insides and it oozes out luscious bits of small dark chocolate chunks.

Bon Appetit’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

You can always count on Bon Appetit’s Test Kitchen team; their recipes are well thought out and are tried and tested to perfection. From the surface, these chocolate chip cookies look like there’s not much going on, but their insides are piled up with utmost comfort and sweet umami.

Vegan Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies

Vegan devotees, you’re in for a treat. The NYC bakery Ovenly succeeded in making plant-based cookies taste just as decadent and delightful as the original version. Their recipe only calls for pantry staples, and believe you me, we love it so much we always stock up a batch or two in the freezer to fix our dessert need any time of day.

This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Bangkok on 16 June 2020.

Lo and Behold: the very best chocolate chip cookie recipes on the interwebs

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