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The best gourmet grocery delivery services in Bangkok

Stay safe and don’t leave home at this time by getting your gourmet groceries delivered.

With this current wave of COVID-19, we need to take the appropriate measures to protect ourselves. We’re social distancing, we’re wearing a mask outside, and we only ever leave for necessities. However, why risk going out when you can get most things — even gourmet groceries — delivered?

Below, we’ve listed some of the best gourmet grocery delivery services in Bangkok. From French cheeses to fresh pasta and even fancy frozen pizza, you can get all of these delivered straight to your doorstep. Let the home-cooking begin. 

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Making sure that you get premium ingredients straight to your home, this authentic Italian gourmet store is the first of its kind in Thailand. Food Delite aims to provide you with the finest produce in an easier manner. Their selection spans various Italian favourites, from tomatoes, cheeses, and charcuterie, over to pasta, rice, Italian flour, oil and so much more. There is really a lot to play with. Delivered fresh, the premium-quality ingredients won’t disappoint.

[Image Credit: Food Delite via Facebook]

Want to know how your grocery ingredients will taste in a dish? Sourced Grocers is both a restaurant and a grocery store. It’s a perfect place to buy your meats and cheese. If you don’t know what to make with them, you can always look for inspiration from their restaurant menu. You probably know them from theCOMMONS Thonglor, and now, from ready-made salads and sandwiches to charcuterie boards, they deliver, too.

[Image Credit: Sourced Grocers via Facebook]

Making sure that people are still excited about the wonders of food, VIVIN Grocery provides anything and everything you may need to be able to one-up your dishes. They have everything you might need to make your dishes, from pasta and Thai cheese over to the rarest of jams. Their ingredients are of a high quality, and their quality maintains even when they reach to your door.

[Image Credit: VIVIN Grocery via Facebook]

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Aiming to replicate the same feeling you have when walking through a European market, El Mercado is a homely grocery store. They offer a vast homemade selection of sauces, tarts, salads, sandwiches and more. They also offer a variety that is usually unavailable in common stores, and this spans wine, imported cheeses and cold cuts.

[Image Credit: El Mercado via Facebook]

Established in 2013, Paleo Robbie caters to those with rare diets. Their products are exceptionally sourced with nothing artificial, and nothing processed. If you’re too lazy to cook or you can’t find the time, they also have pre-made meals. We particularly like their meat and fish selection.

[Image Credit: Paleo Robbie via Facebook]

Want an easy way to buy all your favourite grocery store products? Global Foods have you covered. They have everything you would normally see at the grocery store, spotlighting beloved imported goods, from artisanal water to yogurt, ice cream (Ben & Jerry’s, just saying), wraps, and snacks. With the current travel restrictions, it is difficult to find the things you would want to buy when you’re in Europe or North America. Luckily, Global Foods makes sure you don’t have to miss out.

[Image Credit: Global Foods via Instagram]

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Sloane’s was started by Joe Sloane, a British chef who spent most of his career working at top-tier hotels and restaurants. Now widely known across Bangkok as one of the best places to get quality meats, Sloane’s groceries are sourced from free-range animals from high-welfare farms across Thailand. The selection spans various cuts of meat (the bacon is a must-try), as well as British pies, pickles, and various sauces to enjoy them with. There’s also dog food, because why not?

[Image Credit: Sloane’s via Facebook]

Did you know that Sloane’s also makes fresh pasta? Sloane’s Pasta by Scarletta is produced using real-deal authentic Italian durum wheat semolina. The fresh egg pastas use free-range organic eggs, with the dried pastas dried to perfection over 3 days. For those who are getting into a habit of cooking at home, it’s a great place to start. For those who are lazier, fret not, they also have some ready-to-eat pastas (we’re eyeing the lasagna) to suit.

[Image Credit: Sloane’s Pasta by Scarletta]

For those days where nothing beats a good slice of pizza, Peppina and Sloane’s have joined hands to create Peppina Gelo. For those late nights when you’re sure you’ll only be done with work after the curfew hits, store one of their frozen pizzas in the fridge. Made using quality ingredients, Peppina Gelo makes frozen pizza gourmet again.

[Image Credit: Peppina Gelo]

This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Bangkok on 31 July 2021.

The best gourmet grocery delivery services in Bangkok

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