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The best khao soi in Bangkok to order for dinner tonight

The craving for a good khao soi is unlike many others. Rich and comforting, the northern curry noodle is a common favourite, yet quite uncommon to find in Bangkok — or at least, it is quite uncommon to find a good rendition thereof in Bangkok. We did our research. Here’s our roundup of the best khao soi in the city.

Insane heat, crazy pollution, and work-from-home stresses? Let some of the best khao soi in Bangkok cheer you up. Here, we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite bowls about town, mentally teleporting us back to Chiang Mai. Let us know what you think.

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Where to find the best khao soi in Bangkok

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If you still haven’t tried the northern Thai and southeast Asian delicacies at Eats Payao, you’re missing out. Unsurprisingly, Eats Payao makes a really good khao soi, and like their name suggests, use many ingredients from their very own farm in Payao. Their khao soi recipe has been kept within the family, and dates back three generations. There’s nothing quite like a family recipe after all.

Ongtong Khaosoi is a popular spot in Ari, and like Eats Payao, use a family-own recipe. The “secret” lies in the dried chillies that leave everyone “spellbound.” You’ll have to try it out yourself to see if this is true, and while you’re at it, definitely order some of the other northern specialty dishes too — from sai oua over to the various chilis pastes.

How’s this for a catchy name? Beyond a mysterious moniker, Khao Soi Illuminati is beloved amongst locals for its simplicity in offering and richness in taste. They serve both khao soi and nam ngiao, and like to advertise these using edits of movie characters eating their dishes. We love that extra entertainment value.

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The newest kid on the Bangkok khao soi block, 3san is actually a cloud kitchen concept, offering a variety of Asian dishes for delivery. Their khao soi is admittedly a little snazzier than the others, using fried confit chicken or wagyu beef as the key protein. If the attention to detail is familiar, it’s because Chef Yannick from White Shuffle is behind the dishes, and beyond the khao soi, there’s definitely plenty more you should try.

Sometimes you just want to go old school. Proving that you can’t fault a classic, Khao Soi Nang Linchi is a famous go-to for Sathorn residents, serving authentic northern food from Chiang Mai for over 70 years. Definitely tried and many times tested: here’s a fail-proof favourite.

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Hom Duan proves that northern Thai food doesn’t always have to be served in a serious manner. Among the savoury selections of side dishes, the khao soi is also a popular dish that has the right balance of sweet and spicy. Moreover, the place also offers some vegetarian variations with mushroom or eggs. It could be your next favourite Meatless Monday menu.

Krua Jiangmai is an easy place to start with if you’re new to northern Thai cuisine. It honours an extensive range of recipes that are passed on in the family, from the homemade chilli paste to the authentic khao soi. The beef khao soi is a win for us, since the braised beef shank has the perfect ratio of fat and meat inside that beautiful red broth.

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Tatonyon, translating to “relaxed and easygoing,” tries to present northern Thai cuisine that feels more accessible and appealing to the younger generations. From the food to the restaurant, everything is designed in a modern way including the Khao Soi Rib-Eye Beef that is super fragrant, too.

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Bai Bua differs from other northern Thai places as it focuses on Chiang Toong cuisine, which refers to the far north area of Chiang Rai and Mae Hong Son. A lot of rare local Chiang Toong dishes are available at Bai Bua, whereas the more common Khao Soi Chicken is full of heat and flavour, served alongside chewy noodles and crispy pork.

The best khao soi in Bangkok to order for dinner tonight

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