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The subtle art of finding the best matcha in Bangkok

Matcha is not just matcha anymore. It’s become a wholesome ingredient and dominant flavour of everything delicious.

It’s no surprise that Bangkok has jumped on the matcha bandwagon just like the rest of the world, and it would now be downright weird if every cafe on the block was not serving at least a cuppa matcha. In many ways, could matcha really be the new coffee?

Whilst nothing beats the aromatic essence of a freshly brewed coffee, this year coffee might be taking a back seat to matcha. It is arguably an alternative to coffee as it provides a better source of energy, boosts your metabolism, and comes with an abundance of health benefits (including weight loss). Matcha is a fine green tea powder that is known for its rich, complex vegetal flavour that leaves a pinch of alluring sweetness afterward. Now, this Japanese staple was not only born to be sipped as a tea or in a latte, but it’s also now a part of many a dessert, too. For all matcha fans out there, we’ve rounded up the best places in Bangkok for you to get a dose of your matcha in a more creative form.

Matcha connoisseurs: brace your hearts to indulge in the bittersweet taste of everything and anything that speaks matcha in Bangkok.

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Matcha Cheesecake from MTCH

The coolest new addition to the matcha scene in Bangkok, MTCH (Contemporary Matcha Bar) is a devoted tea room that brings in fresh new ways to explore matcha. If you’ve been craving a rich, indulgent cheesecake, the MTCH Cheesecake is a drool-worthy creation calling you for an intense dose of matcha-ness. In every bite, you will feel the creaminess melt into your mouth with a pinch of bitterness, so balance your taste buds with some red bean paste. Whilst you are here, you would want to sip their speciality blend, the MTCH Soy Latte (Komegura), which is not only visual poetry but also a creamy drink that has a light berry aroma.

118 Phahon Yothin 2, Bangkok
+66 65 691 3584

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Matcha Macarons and Matcha Choux Cream from Tsujiri

It gets a little tricky when you land in a pure matcha haven because you just want to try everything. Let’s not compromise. Grab the matcha macarons at Tsujiri to relish in the stunning green hue for a creamy mild flavour. The slightly bitter filling goes best with a cuppa green tea. When at Tsujiri, having the Matcha choux cream with Tsujiri Choux Cream Sunday is mandatory. As you take a bite, the matcha custard cream oozes out and fills your taste buds with a smooth and rich sweetness all while you relish in the frozen dessert. Indeed, the choux cream is a show-stopper here and something you couldn’t and wouldn’t want to get anywhere else.

Luckily, you’ll find their store in Siam Paragon and Emquartier too.

ICONSIAM, 6th floor, 92 Charoen Nakhon Rd, Bangkok
+66 91 569 6924

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Matcha Lattes at Seven Suns

We wouldn’t dare to leave out the staple though. Finding the right matcha latte in the purest form is mandatory to enjoy the concrete taste of matcha. Seven Suns Matcha Latte truly hits the spot with the perfect blend of its velvety texture and level of the distinct flavour of green tea. Whether you want to sip the hot Matchacino or prefer drinking it over ice, this artisan tea expert really gets it right. Because it’s naturally sweet, you don’t need to add any extra sugar which also doesn’t make you feel guilty.

Our tip? Head to theCOMMONS Thonglor or the newly-opened theCOMMONS Saladaeng.

335 Thonglor Soi 17, Sukhumvit 55 theCOMMONS, M Floor, Klong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok

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Matcha Souffle from Souffle&Souffle Pancakes

Whilst it seems like Egg Souffle Benedict would be the classic choice for brunch at Souffle&Souffle Pancakes, little did we know that Matcha Souffle would break all the norms. The Matcha Souffle here is served with organic whipped cream, Zuki red beans, and a scoop of matcha ice-cream — a deadly and fluffy combination of everything toothsome. Oh, they are simply cotton clouds with perfectly scented green tea zest. Way to go for a healthy brekkie.

56/8 Sukhumvit 55 Khwaeng Klongtan Nuea, Khet Watthana Bangkok
+66 2 392 1725

5 /5

Zen Roll Set and Matcha Cheese Toast from Kyo Roll En

If it is one of those days where you’ve been craving something sugary and one treat wouldn’t satisfy you, then this Zen Roll Set at Kyo Roll En is made just for you. Dive in a matcha mania with this platter serving a Bamboo charcoal roll with Uji matcha cream, Charcoal-matcha ‘mixed’ soft-cream with matcha ‘Nama’ chocolate and fresh strawberries, and Warabi Mochi with black honey sauce. Also, if you want an easy-breezy brekkie, the crispy matcha cheese toast brings a whole new level of zing.

ICONSIAM 3rd floor 299 Charoen Nakhon 5 Alley, Khlong Ton Sai, Khlong San, Bangkok
+66 65 521 3900
The subtle art of finding the best matcha in Bangkok

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