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9 best vegan desserts to order in Bangkok

Get your fix of vegan desserts with these stores that deliver to your doorstep in Bangkok.

A sweet tooth looking for vegan treats in Bangkok? Or simply in the mood for something sweet? We’ve got you.

With veganism becoming more and more sought after in Thailand’s capital, brands are becoming more eco-conscious and eco-friendly. A lot of food spots and homegrown businesses now offer a plethora of vegan options. From vegan cakes to doughnuts, ice cream, and cookies: you name it, they’ve got it. They’ve proven that being vegan assuredly does not mean that you miss out.

Vegan or not, we highly recommend that you try the delectable vegan desserts offered by these brands based in Bangkok. We’ve compiled a list of brands you can order from to get your fix of vegan desserts, and they deliver right to your doorstep.

[Hero and Featured Image Credit: Beyond Pops via Facebook]

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The Banana Warrior

Vegan, ethically sourced, organic, and health-inspired, The Banana Warrior offers a wide range of vegan desserts. With almost too endearing-to-eat decor, they specialise in banana bread and some of their bestsellers include the ‘Queen Caramel’, ‘Triple X It’, and the ‘Fancy A Date’ cakes.

Order via their website, or Instagram. 

[Image Credit: The Banana Warrior]

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The Donut Cafe

You know the motto: do not say no to doughnuts. Apart from being Instagram-worthy, these polychromatic, handcrafted doughnuts are guaranteed to add a pop of vibrancy to your day. For chocolate lovers, go for the ‘Boston Cream’ and ‘Chocolate Toasted Almond’, and for people that prefer the classic flavours, opt for the ‘Original Glazed’ and ‘Sugar.’ For those with a love for fruity tangs, there’s also the ‘Raspberry Chocolate’ and ‘Blueberry Buzz’. Check out their full menu on their Instagram.

Order via Tuk, Lineman, or Instagram. 

[Image Credit: The Donut Cafe]

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Hebe’s ice cream is fully vegan and made with 100% natural ingredients. To top it off, each cup is only between 40 and 120 calories, so there’s no feeling guilty with this one. Don’t let the healthy ingredients trick you into thinking it won’t taste absolutely delicious, though, because Hebe’s ice cream is like Justin Bieber sings repeatedly, yummy. They have flavours for every craving. Some that we recommend are the creamy and rich ‘Mighty Matcha’ and ‘Viva Violet.’ 

Order via Grab, Line, Lineman, Foodpanda, Robinhood, or Line. 

[Image Credit: Hebe]

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Rial Dates

Run by a sister duo, this brand gifts health to you with their sugar-free, vegan dessert dates. Dates that are indulgent, healthy, and rich in flavour. Rial Dates turns them into desserts with classic flavours like ‘Classic Chocolate’ and ‘Coco Coconut’ to must-try flavours like ‘Dark Chocolate Orange’ and their Dipped Dates selection. They also offer two flavours of vegan spreads made from whole dates: ‘Vegan Chocolate’ and ‘Vegan Caramel.’

Order via Line or Instagram. 

[Image Credit: Rial Dates]

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Butter Me Up

Butter Me Up specialises in artisanal nut butter made from fine ingredients. Their nut butters are also oil-free, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and PCOS-friendly. Talk about inclusivity. For more conventional dessert options, they have the ‘Nut Butter Chocolate Lava pot’ and ‘Plant-based Cinnamon French Toast.’ Apart from their spreads, we also adore their creative, punny names. 

Order via Instagram. 

[Image Credit: Butter Me Up]

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Beyond Pops

Here we’ve got wholesome, vegan ice pops. All of Beyond Pops’ products are made of whole-food ingredients that come up with several nutritional benefits. Artisanally crafted in small batches, their menu consists of vegan ice cream, ice-pops, and ice-cream cakes. Some of their ice cream flavours include ‘Sunflower Power’ and ‘Latte Nibs.’

Order via Instagram. 

[Image Credit: Beyond Pops]

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Pridi Cacao

In search of rich, decadent, top-quality chocolate? This is it. Pridi Cacao chocolate offers vegan chocolate options and has an array of interesting flavours. Some of their flavours are ‘Peanut Butter’, ‘Fruits & Flowers’, and ‘Crunch Time.’ They also deliver their signature chocolate drinks – ‘Signature Noir’, ‘Bean Brothers’, ‘Chocolate Milk’, and ‘Peanut Butter Mocha.’ 

Order via Line (@pridi_cacao). 

[Image Credit: Pridi Cacao]

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Plant Donut

All of Planet Donut’s mouthwatering doughnuts are vegan, free of preservatives and chemical colouring, made with locally-sourced ingredients, and baked fresh on a daily basis. From regular doughnuts to mini doughnuts and dip sets to donut eclairs, doughnut-wise, they’ve got it all. Favourite flavours include ‘Lemon Glaze’ and ‘Dirty Oreo.’  

Order via Instagram. 

[Image Credit: Plant Donut]

9 /9

Bake The Brownie

Homemade healthy goods baked with love and passion, all of Bake the Brownie’s products are vegan and gluten-free. For our brownie and chocolate lovers, this is it for you. Unsure which flavour to order? Get ‘The Assorted Box’ to try all of their brownie flavours – plain, almond coconut, peanut butter, matcha, salted caramel, and Nutella. 

Order via Instagram or Line. 

[Image Credit: Bake The Brownie]

9 best vegan desserts to order in Bangkok

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