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Where to find the best Vietnamese food in Bangkok

Whilst what we would really love right now is to fly to Vietnam for the weekend and eat our weight in Banh Mi, for when you’re short on time, here’s where to find the best Vietnamese food in Bangkok.

Vietnamese food isn’t often sung and screamed about here, largely because Thai food tends to win the popularity vote, but there’s no denying it has been rising on the local food scene.

How to wrap it like a Viet, illustrated by Nakrob Moonmanas for Tonkin Annam
“How to wrap it like a Viet” illustrated by Nakrob Moonmanas for Tonkin Annam

Places like Tonkin Annam are the best-kept secrets of foodies and bloggers alike, and with a movement towards more plant-based and healthier cuisine, Vietnamese food comes out as a shining star.

Regardless of whether it’s for wanderlust, veggies, or just trying something new, here’s where to order Vietnamese food in Bangkok for your next lunch or dinner treat.

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This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Bangkok on 7 June 2021 and has since been updated for content.

Where to find the best Vietnamese food in Bangkok

Tonkin Annam belongs at the top of your list. The Vietnamese restaurant serves up “honest, healthy, and fun food,” in a small and intimate setting in Tha Thien. The menu blends traditional and modern dishes with fresh market ingredients, and the classics like Bun Bo Hue and Banh Xeo not to be missed here. We also like their Vietnamese coffee selection especially.

One of the most exciting new restaurant openings in 2021, Son of Saigon opened just a few weeks ago, and is already proving one of the most popular tables in town. The Saigon-style cafe dubs itself a “grilled pork specialist,” serving up a selection of Vietnamese favourites (their authentic Banh Mi is an absolute must-try), as well as Vietnamese coffee. They’re pet-friendly too, so bring your friends (human and furry) and round up a true Vietnamese feast here on Thonglor 25.

There are days when a regular old sandwich just won’t do. For those times when you crave a really good Vietnamese Banh Mi, order from Bun Me & More. They specialise in the Vietnamese baguette filled with fresh vegetables and a variety of toppings. Carnivores will be especially happy here with the BBQ pork, pork belly, and crispy pork options, whilst vegetarians can still feast on tofu options.

Pho lovers take the Vietnamese noodle soup very seriously, and for a seriously good bowl of the stuff, order from Pho 14. The unpretentious and beloved restaurant serves up a variety of dishes, but their pho seems to really be the star. Opt for chicken, pork, or Australian beef, and complete the meal with their selection of appetisers, too.

Maison Saigon is for all those who want it easy. Their menu covers a lot of the bases of Vietnamese cuisine, from soups to salads and rolls. Located in the trendy Velaa Sindhorn complex, we especially like ordering their noodle bowls, that come packed with plenty of greens and customisable options.

You’ve probably spotted one of the Le Dalat restaurants about town. Inspired by the “beautiful era” in Vietnam, Le Dalat is the kind of restaurant you could order a dinner feast from. Their dishes include the noodle and soup bowls as the others above, but also items like grilled fish, crab, and duck. What’s more, they’ve also got combo platters available, for when the whole family wants to try a little of everything.

Many of us remember the iconic Thien Duong restaurant within the Dusit Thani hotel back in the day. Nowadays, it is located within Baan Dust, and still very much a must-try. Whilst it is best to head there in person for the sweet ambience, you can also order Vietnamese food from Thien Duong and enjoy a classic selection of dishes (many are ideal for sharing). Definitely keep an eye out for their Vietnamese dessert selection too.

Where to find the best Vietnamese food in Bangkok

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