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5 best places to get gourmet pet food and treats for your furry friends

Much like humans, our furry friends also equally enjoy their sweet treats.

And how do we know this? Well, the increased popularity for reimagined pet food is shown through the rising numbers of brands specialsing in whipping up food for pups and kitties.

Whether you want a meal, snack or dessert, there is everything on offer on the pet-loving market. So if you’re currently looking for new ways to feed your beloved fluffy ones, these brands below offer some of the most drool-inducing delights perfect for any special occasion or just for Dessert O’clock. All can be easily ordered for delivery online.

[Featured & Hero Image Credit: BONE AND RAW]

This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Bangkok on 20 July 2020.

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Dogkery Café Pet Deli

With a motto that reads “healthy is happy,” Dogkery Café Pet Deli churns out an extensive selection of pet snacks and sweets. The must-tries here include cakes and cupcakes for which you can customise the design, shape, and colour to your liking. Make the birthday of your four-legged buddies extra special and succulent.

+6684 446 9965

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Bake n Bone

Nothing says “party” like a three-layered cake covered in fluffy, delicious frosting. And if you’re looking for the perfect delicacy to surprise your doggie or kitty friend on a special occasion, Bake n Bone has just the thing to offer. The cakes here are made especially for pets; there’s no use of flour, eggs, milk, or chocolate but they look like a real scrumptious treat – the type us humans seem to enjoy immensely.

Image credit: Instagram/alicethecav

+6691 003 7243

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When it comes to dealing with blazing hot weather, we all need a cool treat to drive away from the heatwave ­– and same with your pets. To treat your little ones, this ice cream by BONE AND RAW is made from all-natural ingredients, mainly goat milk kefir and yogurt. The ice cream comes in four different flavours, spanning Steak & Cheese, Honey Liver, Spirulina and Berry Much, so pick the one that will cater to your cat’s or dog’s taste buds most. Bone Broth and Goat Milk Kefir are also available for purchase.

Image credit: Instagram/bambam_thecorgi

+6666 109 0955

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Petto Bake by Pet Living

For health-forward foods for your pets, Petto Bake by Pet Living offers veggie cookies and cakes to your pups all crafted from wholesome ingredients and yes we are talking real meat, whole wheat flour and goat milk, with none of the use of preservatives and artificial additives. The birthday cakes here are even bejewelled with veggies, so apart from spoiling your little bud with a delicious treat, you’re also nourishing him and her all at the same time.

+6683 078 6658

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Sweets Doggie's by Bombom

From making simple treats for their own furry friend, Bombom, the owners of Sweets Doggie’s by Bombom now also deliver delicious treats to other pet aficionados who seek for the best grub for their pooches. The brand offers snacks, cookies, muffins, and even cupcakes — all made from real proteins free from sodium, artificial flavours, and colours. Think of a healthy treat, think Sweets Doggie’s.

+6663 246 3261
5 best places to get gourmet pet food and treats for your furry friends

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