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How to elevate regular instant noodles into gourmet instant noodles

Besides rice, there’s no denying that instant noodles are also one of our main food groups here.

Something about the pre-cooked noodles just always hits all the right notes any time of day ­– be it ­breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacking, and even late-night munching sessions.

But having instant noodles plain could get bland and boring over time. That’s why it’s always nice to try new recipes — and if haven’t checked out the celebrities that took on our own #LSAInstantNoodleChallenge, do so because, to put it plainly, it’s great. Furthermore, these recipes below are also here to spice up the life of your inner noodle-loving geek. Make sure you give them a try and let’s get slurping.

[Featured Image Credit: Unsplash/Miguel Maldonado; Hero Image Credit: 8 Low Ural/Unsplash]

Pimp My Cup Noodles Recipe

Make your instant noodle meal a real treat by amping it up with a bunch of elements like proteins, veggies, and eggs. Then make it real instagrammable ­by piling it back up into your noodle cup. Rule number one: you should always eat first with your eyes.

Instant Ramen Upgraded By Using Sous Vide Meat

There’s no better way to add an umami effect other than adding fork-tender sous-vide meat. Whether you want beef, pork, or chicken, this video will show you how to nail sous-vide cooking at home to enhance your instant noodle experience.

11 Instant Ramen Hacks

Instant noodles don’t always have to be eaten with sodium-laden soup and dried veggies. With these hacks, you can turn your noodles into a crispy bun for grilled cheese, a crust for pepperoni pizza, and even gnocchi. Mind-blowing.

Kylie Jenner’s Ramen Recipe

Apart from her viral grilled cheese and cereal-crusted French toast, another treasure in Kylie Jenner‘s food repertoire is her butter-basted ramen. Her hack on the instant noodle meal is simple, using only butter, egg, and the seasoning package that comes with the noodle. Quick, simple, and delicious.

Ramen Addiction Series – Instant Ramen Hacks

Alex of the French Guy Cooking channel is all about whipping up the best versions of the world-famous comfort food. In this Ramen Addiction Series, get ready to learn all his tricks and tips on how you too can zhuzh up your instant noodles at home simply using store-bought ingredients.

Ramen Noodle Stir-fry with Andy Ricker of Pok Pok

When it comes to Andy Ricker, don’t let his foreign looks fool you because he is a master. This is evidenced in this scrumptious stir-fried noodle made simply with pantry and fridge staples. It’s a tasty change of scene when you’re souped-out.

How to elevate regular instant noodles into gourmet instant noodles

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