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The Bangkok bagel you should order, according to your zodiac sign

With so many new Bangkok bagel offerings popping up across town, it can be hard to settle in on one choice. That’s why we’ve decided to do the only logical thing and pair your character traits with an ideal bagel order.

Whether you prefer your bagels classic with smoked salmon, bright with rainbow colours, or adventurous with sauerkraut and pickles, we’ve got a little bit of everything here. Aiming to make your choice this week a little easier, it looks like there could be a perfect bagel for each zodiac sign out there. Read on for our thoughts, let us know if we’re accurate, and enjoy all the bagels Bangkok has to offer.

N.B.: Obviously, this piece is not written by a certified astrologer. Just a hungry writer shooting for the stars.

[Hero Image Credit: Girl-with-red-hat/Unsplash; Featured Image Credit: MONTY’S by Roast]

Sarnies Pastrami Bagel

Beginning our list with a fun splash of colour, Aries are beloved for being optimistic and honest people. They are determined, much like the smoked pastrami in this bagel, which soaks up five full days of brine to make it extra flavourful. Served with Dijon mustard and homemade red sauerkraut, it’s a force to be reckoned with, much like the Aries in your life.

[Image Credit: Sarnies}

Volks Smoked Salmon and Capers on Activated Charcoal Bagel

Reliable and responsible, we’re sticking to a classic salmon and caper combo for Taurus, but adding a twist with the charcoal bagel. Overachieving, and somewhat always one step ahead, we couldn’t think of a better fit. Why go for a plain bagel when you can go for one that also doubles as ‘gram material with extra health benefits? Typical multi-tasking Taurus. Go get ‘em.

[Image Credit: Volks]

Liquid Objects Kentucky Bagel

Geminis are curious and affectionate people, so the Kentucky Bagel by Liquid Objects is a fitting choice. The bagel comes stuffed with a “secret recipe” chicken breast, cheese, onions, and chilli jam sauce, making it an exciting option for the curious tastebud. As for the secret recipe? Leave it to the Gemini to find out.

[Image Credit: Liquid Objects]

NoCafeJustCoffeeAndBreakfast Cheesy Spinach on Everything Bagel

Have you been to this street food style bagel store yet? You need to go. With many new flavours added often, we’ve got our eye on the Cheesy Spinach Everything Bagel for Cancers, largely because we know their emotional and sympathetic character traits will fall head over heels with each indulgent bite. Imaginative creatures, we predict they’ll keep an eye on the menu for further additions to come. They’re always keen to try something interesting.

[Image Credit: NoCafeJustCoffeeAndBreakfast]

BKK Bagels Rainbow Bagel

Leos are known for being dominant, humorous, dramatic, and creative. This is why the rainbow bagel is a perfect fit for them. Loud and colourful, pictured here it comes with a traditional cream cheese and salmon filling, though it can also be customised with other options. Hearty on the inside, beautiful on the outside. Sounds familiar.

[Image Credit: BKK Bagels]

Sarnies Sourdough Bagel with Salmon & Cream Cheese

One of the most hardworking and kind zodiac signs, Virgos prove that sometimes old school works best. Loyal to the beloved combination of salmon and dill cream cheese, we’re suggesting the newly-launched Sarnies sourdough bagel as their choice. Made with love and handled with care, the New York-style bagel is processed for 3 days to ensure an extra fluffy and chewy texture. Totally something a Virgo would do.

[Image Credit: Sarnies]

MONTY’S by Roast Breakfast Bagel with Pork Patty

Libras are extremely cooperative and fair, so if you were to present them with a breakfast bagel with a small twist, they would be totally diplomatic about it. They’d probably even enjoy it. This is why we’re giving them MONTY’S breakfast bagel with a pork patty, soft scrambled egg, homemade hot sauce, and American cheese. Whilst we normally eat our breakfast bagels with bacon, if anyone could make us switch to pork patties, it would be a Libra — and MONTY’s.

[Image Credit: MONTY’S by Roast]

BKK Bagels Smoked Pastrami

Scorpios can be both amazing friends and stubborn companions at the same time. Their choice of bagel needs to be something equally as strong, which is why the Smoked Pastrami Bagel by BKK Bagels is a great fit. Featuring melted cheese, a hit of sharp mustard, and the acidity of the pickle sides, it’s an-in-your-face combination that suits this very in-your-face zodiac sign.

[Image Credit: BKK Bagels]

Volks PB&J on Blueberry Bagel

The Sagittarius in your life probably has a great sense of humour, and they have a positive and optimistic view of life. We dig that kind of enthusiasm around here, so we’re treating them to a Volks PB&J on Blueberry Bagel. Messy, sweet, salty, and highly indulgent, given their generous nature, the Sagittarius will likely share this bagel with you, which is exactly why we love them.

[Image Credit: Volks]

NoCafeJustCoffeeAndBreakfast Chocolate Chip Bagel with House-blend Coffee Tiramisu Cream

Capricorns are known for being very disciplined and having a lot of self-control. For when they want to have a cheat meal, this chocolate chip bagel with a tiramisu cream is a fabulous pick. It has that sophisticated edge that comes from the house-blend coffee used, and yet still provides a surefire flavour party for the tastebuds. Capricorns on holiday.

[Image Credit: NoCafeJustCoffeeAndBreakfast]

J Cafe Hot & Crunchy Toasted Bagel

For your Aquarius friends, go for something original to suit their sweet, humanitarian, and original aura. We love J Cafe for its kosher baked goods, and their Hot & Crunchy Bagel is a must-try item. It comes with melted cheese and either roasted peppers and pesto or tomato and olive tapenade. An intellectual choice (as far as bagels go) for an intellectual zodiac sign.

[Image Credit: J Cafe]

MONTY’S by Roast Open Faced Bagel Sandwich

We couldn’t run a story on bagels by zodiac signs and not pair a salmon bagel with the Pisces sign. The content practically writes itself. Nevertheless, this bagel sandwich is actually an open sandwich, playing to Pisces’ artistic and gentle nature. You’ll need gentle hands to handle this bagel, which comes with smoked salmon, fresh heirloom tomato, cucumber, cream cheese, red onion, dill, and capesr. A calming choice for this sensitive water sign.

[Image Credit: MONTY’S by Roast]

The Bangkok bagel you should order, according to your zodiac sign

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