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Salted egg creations in Bangkok you need to try right now

For some reason, the city seems to be going through a salted egg phase: all sorts of food concoctions are being spiked with the cured rich yolk we love.

And if you are – like us –stampeding the supermarket shelves for the latest and greatest salted egg creations, well, don’t waste your time and energy. We’ve listed a collection of all things speckled with the delicacy – which you should gorge on with urgency to stay on top of this salted egg trend.

Hero image credit: Unsplash/Kelly Neil

Krispy Kreme

salted egg
Image credit: Instagram/preciousbelly

If you are not in the know already, Krispy Kreme recently released the new addition to their repertoire of drool-inducing doughnuts. This Salted Egg-Filled Ring Doughnut (THB 35) is stuffed with ooey-gooey deliciousness that will satisfy all you foodies who have a sweet – and savoury – tooth.

Cheevit Cheeva Cafe

Image credit: Instagram/wanzrinrada

Not so many desserts can help us embrace Bangkok’s hot heat like bingsu does. The flavoured snow-like ice flakes can cool you down as well as give that energy – more like a sugar rush – we all need. This Salted Egg yolk Bua Loi Bingsu (THB 245) by Cheevit Cheeva Cafe, in particular, will give a hint of saltiness that perfectly cuts through the bingsu’s sweetness.

Tofu Soft Café

Salted egg
Bubble tea on its own is already quite addictive, but to add the magic yolk in it, too? Boom, a burst of flavour in a cup. Tofu Soft Café, which is a soy-milk lover’s favourite haunt, is now serving up Custard KAI KEM Bubble Milk (THB 65). It’s a wholesome cup of soy milk that comes with grated salted egg yolk. And other than using the plant-based liquid, the milky concoction is also made up of salted egg custard and tapioca balls sweetened with honey. Craving for a healthy-ish delicacy? This is the one for you.

Lean Life

salted egg
Image credit: Instagram/myfood_health

Have a penchant for a healthy fare? Lean Life has a repertoire of wholesome meals to offer. Here, forget about the myth that kanom pia is only a guilty pleasure. Lean Life makes a healthier savoury version of the dessert that’s still injected with robust flavours from golf ball-sized salted egg yolk and dried shredded pork.

Dairy Queen

salted egg
Image credit: Instagram/h_u_n_g_r_y_555

What’s better than plain, humdrum vanilla ice cream? DQ blizzard. But what’s about to dethrone Dairy Queen’s classic flavours like oreo or chocolate chip cookie dough is the new Salted Egg Yolk Blizzard (THB 49). Drizzled atop the whipped vanilla ice cream, the salted egg syrup does a great job flavouring the ice cream and gracing the ice cream’s overall look with its vibrant, sun-gold colour.

Baan Kanom Pia

If you love a good kanom pia – a Chinese flakey pastry stuffed with mung bean paste – you’d know the kind stuffed with salted egg never has enough yolk in it. So to add an extra layer of goodness, Baan Kanom Pia offers up a strange yet sumptuous flavour of cheese-stuffed kanom pia served with their new signature salted egg lava cream. Don’t be intimidated by the weird-sounding combination since one can never go wrong with cheese or salted egg yolk.

Shang Palace

Image credit: Instagram/lovedinings

You’ve tasted a good salted egg custard steamed bun so you probably have a good idea of what it tastes like. This green goddess bun by Shang Palace, however, will crush your expectations with its true take on the yolky flavour of the salted egg. The humble custard filling yields pleasing caramel-like flavours without minimizing the egg yolk texture and taste. Here, you can sort of taste the sugar and the yolk individually whilst each ingredient also comes together in harmonious deliciousness.


Looking for a way to simply add umami into your meal, give this Salted Egg Paste by POON MENU a try. Smear it on your toast or drizzle it on your salad as a salty, yolky dressing. The paste will taste wonderful as a dip for chips and tortillas.

Bake A Wish

salted egg
Image credit: Instagram/minimummntt

Noted for their scrumptious choux cream, Bake A Wish is a sure-fire guru when it comes to the puffy-fluffy, cream-filled dessert. Once bitten, the choux pastry oozes out vanilla-scented whipped cream and salted egg custard. Here’s a sexy dessert that is reminiscent of an erupting volcano.

Bake in House

salted egg
Here at Bake in House, the milk and sugar bun (THB 140) – a childhood favourite of many – gets upgraded with a filling of creamy custard made from full-fat European butter, salted egg and sugar. The milky bun also gets topped with the salted egg crumble that’s packed with a heart-warming crunch. Need a napkin? We see you drooling.

Salted egg creations in Bangkok you need to try right now

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