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The LSA Shake Shack Cheatsheet: Our handy guide to shacking right

The iconic burger chain, Shake Shack, opened in Thailand today. Here’s our handy guide on the menu and how much you can expect to spend, just in case you’re considering shackin’ anytime soon.

Shake Shack finally opens its doors to the public today after a long wait. Well, there might still be a bit of a wait since as of writing this, there’s already a long queue as per the brand’s IG story (there are some fun things like music and doodling available for those in line). We’re not expecting the long lines to go anywhere soon. 

There’s nothing worse than someone who spends so long looking at the menu and deciding what they want to get, especially when the line is ridiculously long, so don’t be that guy. Since we were able to try out the Shack last week, we’re giving you a rundown of what Shake Shack’s offering, what you should try, and how much you should expect to spend.

Shake Shack opened today in Thailand. Here’s LSA’s cheatsheet to everything Shake Shack.

First thing’s first: how much is Shake Shack?

Image credit: Shake Shack

The cheapest burger is priced at THB 185, but an important note is that this is just the burger, not a set. With their cheapest fries and drinks, you’d be shelling out almost THB 400. Thank goodness they opened at the end of the month. 

It’s definitely one of the pricier burger places, but you get your money’s worth.

What are the burgers?

Image credit: Shake Shack

There are a total of seven burgers, five of which are beef and the other two are chicken. If you want the classic Shack experience, the ShackBurger (THB 230 for single, THB 340 for double) is the way to go, with fresh veggies, cheese, and a nicely cooked smashed patty. The SmokeShack (THB 275 for single, THB 385 for double) is for those who want a little spice in their burgers as well as that extra crunchy bacon. The ‘ShroomBurger (THB320), while meant for vegetarians, is also a viable option if you like portobello mushrooms and oozing cheese. 

Image credit: Shake Shack

I believe that a burger should always be beef, but you shouldn’t sleep on Shake Stack’s chicken burgers. Americans would protest and say that it’s actually a “chicken sandwich” but whatever. The original Chicken Shack (THB 210) is a classic chicken burger, but for that extra spicy kick, the Hot Chicken (THB 230) is the way to go. I would’ve preferred it to be a little hotter though. Hopefully, that’s something they can tweak in time. 

Awesome! Gonna get those burgers then.

Image credit: Shake Shack

Now, hold up. One final thing you shouldn’t bypass is their Flat-Top Dogs. While Shake Shack is known for their burgers, it originally started as a hot dog stand at a park in NYC. Getting their classic Hot Dog (THB 150) or Cheese Dog (THB 195) is a taste of history. Hotdogs aren’t that big here in Bangkok probably because you could never find one that does it right. Thankfully, Shake Shack has finally brought legit NYC hotdogs to our doorstep.

How about sides and drinks?

Image credit: Shake Shack

The Crinkle Cut Fries (THB 110) are okay. They’re crispy and well-seasoned though not exactly as mind-blowing as you’d expect them to be especially at their price tag. Their Cheese Fries get a bit of a bump thanks to the cheese, but that’s gonna cost you THB 155. 

There’s a surprisingly varied choice when it comes to drinks. They’re all about teas and lemonades, offering Fresh lemonade (THB 90 for small, THB 110 for large), Organic Brewed Ice Tea THB 80 for small, THB 120 for large), and a pleasant drink where they combine both aptly-named Fifty/Fifty (THB 90 for small, THB 110 for large). The usual suspects of Coke, Sprite, and Fanta are also here albeit by fountain (THB 65 for small, THB 90 for large).

Here’s where it gets interesting: Shake Shack also offers beer and wine. No, we’re not joking. They have special wines made exclusively for them appropriately called the Shack White and Shack Red (THB 250 for glass, THB 990 for bottle). And no, they didn’t taste like the cheap wine you get out of a box. These actually tasted pretty good. 

As for the beer, the ShackMeister Ale (THB 290) is their exclusive beer and pairs perfectly with any burger.

Time for desserts!

From L to R: CentralSwirled, Coconuts About You, and Shack Attack (Image credit: Shake Shack)

They call their ice cream “frozen custard” because it’s denser and creamier than your usual ice cream. In other words, it’s extra decadent. This makes their Classic Shakes (THB 190) all the more delectable because there’s no trace of ice; just pure creamy frozen custard. Their special Thailand exclusive, the Pandan Sticky Rice Shake (THB 230) is a must-try. I repeat, a must-try

Pandan Sticky Rice Shake (Image credit: Shake Shack)

If you want a Sundae-like concoction, they call them “Concretes” here (THB 190 for single, THB 260 for Double). The ShackAttack is for chocolate features featuring brownies from After You. The Coconuts About You is basically a Thai dessert sundae. Finally, the unique CentralSwirled features fish sauce and caramel, a unique yet satisfying combo.

Shake Shack Central World, 1F, 4/5 Ratchadamri Rd, Lumphini, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330.

The LSA Shake Shack Cheatsheet: Our handy guide to shacking right

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