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Simple cookies you can make with your kids at home

If your kids – and you yourself – are finding comfort in chomping down bags of chips, boxes of cookies, and a bunch of candies to destress during the partial lockdown, these videos will come in handy for your fam.

Don’t waste your money on the store-bought goods that come packed with MSG and preservatives, when you can easily create your own sweets like these at home — oven or no oven.

[Featured image credit: Unsplash/Charlotte Noelle; hero image credit: Unsplash/Hannah Tasker]

Image credit: Unsplash/Charlotte Noelle

These cookie tutorials will fill your house with scrumptious delicacies as well as giving your kids a fun activity, and your family a convivial moment whilst being in the house together 24/7. Recipes included here require only a few ingredients, mostly pantry staples, with easy-to-follow steps fit for baking newbies. So give one of them a try, or even better, try out all of them and organise a little family taste test.

Simple Cookies for Kids

When it comes to kid-friendly cookies, you’ve gotta trust not Jamie Oliver, but his wife Jools Oliver since she’s actually the chef of the Oliver household. With her son Buddy baking in the kitchen with her, you can see how easy it is for the little ones to participate in the fun with you in the kitchen.

1 Minute Mug Cookies

Gemma of Bigger Bolder Baking is all about teaching home cooks how to master the classic American baked goods at home. Her recipes are simple, straightforward, and yet on point. The best part of all is that her channel includes shortcut recipes, like mug cakes, mug meals, and mug cookies. The cooking process only involves two utensils – a mug and a spoon. But apart from that, another plus is that these drool-inducing PB&J, oatmeal & raisin, and chocolate chip cookies can be cooked in just a minute in the microwave.

Healthy Peanut Butter Granola Bars

Let’s admit it: a granola bar is a kind of cookie. It’s sugary, it’s chewy, and most of the time, it’s everything but healthy – just like many soul-satisfying cookies.

For years, we’ve been big fans of Dini Klein. The meal prep master and mother of two is inspirational with her health-forward yet indulgent recipes. And these healthy peanut butter granola bars are no exception. They’re packed with nutritious and natural ingredients, but also incorporate a guilty-pleasure element both kids and adults love: chocolate chips!

3 Easy Holiday Cookies

Why wait until Christmas when you can make every day a true holiday celebration? Get into the kitchen and make these cookies with your kids. Children can also easily follow the video and make the cookies on their own just so you can turn off the parental control mode and just sit back and enjoy a cocktail.

3 No-bake Cookies

No oven, no fret. These three no-bake cookies, again by Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking, are here to tell you “no oven” doesn’t mean “no cookies.” Follow her recipes then get creative and go to town with whatever toppings (candies, sprinkles, and jams) you and your kids dream of having in a cookie.

Simple cookies you can make with your kids at home

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