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The best traditional dishes in the world in 2022 (Thailand ranks in the top 10)

Taste Atlas has released the list of its best traditional dishes in the world in 2022. Japanese dish karē has topped the list and is followed by picanha of Brazil and amêijoas à bulhão pato of Portugal. Thailand ranks in the top 10 with a special curry.

Japanese dishes feature heavily among the top 50 dishes on the list. Apart from karē, the others include tonkotsu ramen, katsudon, karē raisu, shoyu ramen, sake nigiri sushi and gyoza.

Dishes from Turkey, China and Brazil also prominently appear on the list. Of the 50 dishes, 14 are from the three countries.

The top five dishes on Taste Atlas’ list

Japanese karē

Japanese karē, which is basically curry, got 4.9 stars (out of a maximum of 5) from Taste Atlas.

The Bulgaria-based illustrious food website said in a tweet that the main distinction between the Indian and Japanese curries is that the “Indian version uses a combination of spices, while Japanese karē is made with a curry powder.”


Writing about picanha, Taste Atlas said that it is the speciality of a churrascaria (Brazilian steakhouse).

“The flavorful meat is usually skewered, grilled, and sliced before serving,” reads the tweet by Taste Atlas.

Picanha is called sirloin cap in the US and rump cap in the UK. Its name comes from the picana, which is the pole used by ranchers for herding cattle in Spain and Portugal.

Amêijoas à bulhão pato

The Portuguese dish is named after the 19th-century poet Raimundo António de Bulhão Pato. It is eaten as an appetiser with bread on the side. The dish consists of clams, which are mixed with a special sauce made from ingredients such as white wine, fresh cilantro, garlic and olive oil.

Both picanha and amêijoas à bulhão pato have a rating of 4.86.


Tangbao taste atlas
Image credit: Gisling – Own work/CC BY-SA 3.0/Wikimedia Commons

Tangbao, which has received a rating of 4.83, is the name of Chinese dumplings filled with soup.

According to Taste Atlas, the dumplings can be made of leavened or plain dough, depending on the origin.

The filling usually contains minced pork or crab meat, which turns into a flavourful soup when the dumplings are steamed. Tangbao is served immediately after the dumplings are steamed.


Another dumpling dish from China, guotie is the pan-fried variation of the jiaozi dumpling. Immensely popular as a street food, the first mention of guotie goes as far back as the Song Dynasty (960-1276).

It is crunchy and contains minced pork, Chinese cabbage, sesame seed oil, rice wine, scallions and ginger.

It is cooked using a special method and, unlike traditional dumplings, has a long and straight shape. The dish has a rating of 4.81.

50 best traditional food in the world in 2022 as per Taste Atlas

1. Karē, Japan

2. Picanha, Brazil

3. Amêijoas à Bulhão Pato, Portugal

4. Tangbao, China

5. Guotie, China

6. Phanaeng Curry, Thailand

7. Ceviche mixto, Peru

8. Ghormeh sabzi, Iran

9. Cağ kebabı, Turkey

10. Pollo a la brasa, Peru

11. Pizza Margherita, Italy

12. Xiaolongbao, China,

13. Gambas al ajillo, Spain

14. Shish kebab, Turkey

15. Païdakia, Greece

16. Pierogi Ruskie, Poland

17. Cochinita pibil, Mexico

18. Cha siu bao, China

19. Pappardelle al cinghiale, Italy

20. Carnitas, Mexico

21. Tonkotsu ramen, Japan

22. Manti, Turkey

23. Raclette, Switzerland

24. Trofie al pesto, Italy

25. Carne de porco à Alentejana, Portugal

26. Pečená kachna, Czech Republic

27. Gambas à la plancha, Spain

28. Shahi paneer, India

29. Vaca atolada, Brazil

30. Katsudon, Japan

31. Gyros, Greece

32. Steak au poivre, France

33. Linguine allo scoglio, Italy

34. Frango assado com piri piri, Portugal

35. Inasal na manok, Philippines

36. Giouvetsi, Greece

37. Pernil, Puerto Rico

38. Prosciutto e funghi pizza, Italy

39. İskender kebap, Turkey

40. Massaman Curry, Thailand

41. Bakaliaros, Greece

42. Tagliatelle al ragù alla Bolognese, Italy

43. Karē raisu, Japan

44. Shoyu ramen, Japan

45. Alinazik Kebab, Turkey

46. Sake nigiri sushi, Japan

47. Gyoza, Japan

48. Döner kebab, Turkey

49. Moqueca, Brazil

50. Feijão tropeiro, Brazil

Check out the full list here.

The best traditional dishes in the world in 2022 (Thailand ranks in the top 10)

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