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5 Thai celebrities take on the #LSAInstantNoodleChallenge

Are you ready to see some noods? 

This May, we’ve launched a very special challenge, asking our readers and friends to share their special recipe for instant noodles. We’ve called it the #LSAInstantNoodleChallenge, and you too can take part in order to win one of six amazing prizes. Head to this link to find out more about how you can enter. 

In the mean time, and for some inspiration, here’s how five Thai celebrities have taken on the #LSAInstantNoodleChallenge. Read on for their special recipes. 

[Hero Image Credit: Mae Mu/Unsplash]

Art Araya

The ever-fabulous

You can find everything I use at 7/11 so it’s easy to do.
First, boil water then put noodles in. Because I like soft ramen noodles, they need to go in early. I only use the noodles from the pack, not the seasoning!
After the noodles start to boil, you add Rosa Mackerel in tomato sauce, then pickled cabbages from Pigeon, but drain the water from the picked vegetables before adding them to the pot because the water will ruin the flavour.
Then, add a tablespoon of chili paste from Mae Pranom. Season with Maggi, salt, or fish sauce, and oyster sauce. No sugar. You can add chilis or dried chilis to your liking then put to the boil.
If you like egg, add egg. Then, after you turn off the heat, you can squeeze in some lime juice.

Sarit ‘Pea’ Trilertvichien


For me, the best instant noodle is the most basic, made with everything in the package and nothing else.
I use less water than suggested, and leave it no more than 2 minutes so the noodles feel a little crispy.
If I have more time, I’ll do it the other way — put the noodles in the bowl, pour water over them, add egg, and microwave for 2 minutes. 

Tip: go for the spicy Tom Yum flavour!

Ascha ‘Pang’ Charoenrasameekiat

Founder of Fifth Season Store, and co-founder and PR director of QQ Dessert

Add the sliced galangal, lemongrass, and kaffir lime leaves to boiling water.
Boil for about 5 minutes and then add mushroom, parsley, chili, and shrimp.
Take the pot off the heat and squeeze in the lime juice. Add a little bit of fish sauce, chili paste, and evaporated milk — make it sour!
Bring four cups of water to boil the noodles.
Add the noodles and cook for 2 minutes.
Put the cooked noodles in the Tom Yum soup, and add fresh eggs on top, as well as some of your favourite ingredients, like sausage or fish ball. 

Tips: Remove the soup from the stove before adding the lime juice, as it may go bitter otherwise. And try not to overcook the noodles!

Bhon ‘Tle’ Raksakulnit

Co-founder of Artistotle Bag

I like to make stir-fried WaiWai with mackerel.
Heat a pot of water, add the noodles, and let them soil and boil for 2 minutes. Then drain the water.
Toss the mackerel with lard until brown. Set the it aside.
Brown garlic and chili.
Add noodles to the pan then season with soy sauce, fish sauce, and sugar.
Toss everything in high heat for 1 minute.
Remove from the heat and serve immediately. 

Bua Bhirombhakdi

Founder of Thra handcrafted jewellery

I like to make ramen bokki with gyoza.
To prepare, pour boiling water into a pot and let the noodles cook for 3-4 minutes.
Next, drain the water, and add some garlic.
Mix in the spicy seasoning paste. 

Tip: Add fresh coriander

Image Credit: Charles Deluvio/Unsplash

How you too can take part in the #LSAInstantNoodleChallenge

The challenge is simple:

  1. POST a photo/video of your instant noodles and describe your special recipe
  2. TAG @lifestyleasiabk on Instagram
  3. TAG #LSAInstantNoodleChallenge

What you can win

Winners will be announced on Friday 22 May 2020, with six fabulous prizes up for grabs: 

A one-night stay with breakfast at The Sukhothai Hotel (subject to the opening of the hotel)

A food and beverage voucher valued at THB 3000 at The Sukhothai Hotel (subject to the opening of the restaurants)

TWO vouchers for dinner for two persons at Praya Kitchen, Bangkok Marriott Hotel The Surawongse (valued at approx. THB 3740 per voucher)

TWO vouchers for a 3-course set lunch at The Allium Bangkok at The Athenee Hotel (valued at THB 3530, valid for 6 months)

Happy cooking!

5 Thai celebrities take on the #LSAInstantNoodleChallenge

Lisa Gries

Creative Content Director, Bangkok

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