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10 local Thai chocolate brands to gift this Valentine’s Day

Nothing says “I love you” like a box of chocolates – especially on a special occasion like Valentine’s Day. Here are the best Thai chocolatye brands you can gift this Valentine’s Day.

What to do when the chocolate aisle at the supermarket is loaded with a bunch of drool-inducing chocolate products to choose from? It’s easy: the answer is to go local. Here, we’ve listed a roundup of Thai chocolate brands laden with cocoa delicacies to get and gift your loved ones this Valentine’s Day.

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This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Bangkok on 8 February 2021, and has since been edited and updated for content.

Thai chocolate brands to gift this Valentine’s Day

When thinking of a cool, hipster chocolate brand, the name Shabar Chocolate rushes to our minds. Yes, our purchases from them has a lot to do with their artsy packaging, but the chocolate bars inside crafted from Thai cacao are the true treasures. Other than the bars, the brand also offers comforting desserts like chocolate cookies, chocolate ice cream, and more. 

Image credit: Shabar Chocolate

2 /10

For a chocolate bar packed with surprises, Xoconat should be your move. The brand focuses on sa mall-batch, bean-to-bar process with a touch of mind-stirring flavours. This is evidenced in their Kaeng Khiao Wan and Phed Nit Noi bars studded with fiery chilli flakes and herbs.

Image credit: Xoconat

Pridi’s mission is to make chocolate right where its beans are grown, so it’s about as local as it gets. Using only Thai ingredients, and made from all-raw ingredients in their own factory, the relatively new Thai chocolate brand is already getting much attention. We particularly like their fun take on popular chocolate favourites. Pictured here, the Pridi Maprownty, a playful take on the classic Bounty bar, but made with fresh, local ingredients.

Image credit: Pridi Cacaofevier

For a memorable bean to bar experience, opt for Siamaya Chocolate. The brand highlights 100% natural and locally-sourced cocoa beans mixed with tongue-tingling flavours – think, Dark Chocolate + Thai Coconut Curry, Milk Chocolate + Durian, Thai Tea, and more. Conveniently, you can also find goodies from Siamaya Chocolate at ICONCRAFT within ICONSIAM.

Image credit: Siamaya Chocolate

For chocolate treats that are filled with reviving and vivid energy, SARATH N. CHOCOLATIER should be your choice. The chocolate boutique café is known for its repertoire of sweet creations like artful chocolate bars and bonbons. All the chocolate products here are also crafted especially from cacao grown in provinces like Chantaburi and Prachuap Khiri Khan, so expect a product that represents the abundance of Thailand’s agriculture in spades. They even have a collection of chocolate crafted especially for Valentine’s Day so be sure to check it out. 


Keto foodies, you’re in for a treat. Böhnchen & Co. is all about quality chocolate bars comprising of only organic and fair-traded cacao beans from around the world (Thailand included). It’s sugar-free and low-carb (yes chocolate contains carbs), which makes it all the more keto-friendly.

Image credit: Böhnchen & Co.

7 /10

Great chocolate doesn’t have to come from Switzerland. Kad Kokoa offers plenty of finger-licking-good products made out of cocoa locally sourced from Prachuap Khiri Khan, Chantaburi, Chumpon, Chiang Mai, and more. You can easily order via Line: @kadkokoa or make a pit stop at their two-story café situated at Soi Narathiwat Ratchanakarin 17 to enjoy their award-winning goodies on the spot.

Image credit: Kad KoKoa

PARADAi Crafted Chocolate & Café is the chocolate aficionado’s paradise. Nestled in an old-school building on Tanao Road, the café offers up a selection of chocolate bonbons, hot chocolate, and iced chocolate. The name of the game here is Thai cocoa beans, so make sure you try their chocolate bars, like the 100% Dark Chocolate crafted from Nakhon Si Thammarat beans, to fully taste the charm of Thai chocolate. The Valentine Box Set is also a way to go to treat your loved ones.

Image credit: PARADAi Crafted Chocolate & Cafe

For plant-based diners, Aimmika Chocolate offers up vegan bars that are not only healthy but also delicious and decadent using only two ingredients of Thai organic cocoa beans and organic brown sugar. If your loved ones are weight watchers, we recommend going for the 90% bar or even the unsweetened kind, which contains only a single component of organic cocoa beans.

Image credit: Aimmika Chocolate

10 /10

You’ve tasted the wonders of Asia but have you traversed over the glory of Chocolasia? Here’s the chocolate land all cocoa connoisseurs needs to visit. Every chocolate bar and product is made here from scratch, from roasting and grinding to processing cocoa beans into cocoa powder, cocoa butter, cacao nibs, and, eventually, a premium chocolate bar.

Image credit: Chocolasia

10 local Thai chocolate brands to gift this Valentine’s Day

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