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Where to get your smoothie bowl fix in Bangkok

There’s nothing like a cooling smoothie bowl to combat the heat in Bangkok.

Whether you prefer acai bowls (and their multitude of health benefits), or just a classic bowl, with many places opening up for dine-in again, it’s easy to see why people love the stuff. 

Most times, you are able to personalise your base (fruity or chocolatey), and even customise the toppings. Go wild and get creative (or order the house classics) from these smoothie bowl stores in Bangkok.

[Hero and Featured Image Credit: Paco Bangkok]

This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Bangkok on 24 June 2021 and has since been updated for content.

Where to find the best smoothie bowls in Bangkok

Paco Bangkok is one of the city’s most beloved spots to get smoothie bowls, in large part because they look so Instagrammable. Their options are plenty and extremely colourful, with fresh fruit, nut, and granola toppings available. Go for the smoothie bowls, stay for the ‘grams.

Breakfast Story is a great bunch spot that offers some of the best of what breakfast has to offer. Alongside pancakes and French toasts, they also offer smoothie bowls. Topped off with granola, dried coconuts, and multiple fruits, maybe smoothie bowls can be your go-to option for breakfast. Offered for delivery, you can get your Breakfast Story smoothie bowl on GrabFood, LineMan and more.

[Image Credit: Breakfast Story via Instagram]

Make sure your smoothie bowl is 100% vegan by ordering from the Veganerie Concept. They’ve got three base options, spanning acai, green, and sweet. Each bowl comes with different toppings of fruit and granola. Order now through GrabFood, LineMan, FoodPanda and more.

[Image Credit: @yada.beat via Instagram]

4 /7

This brunch spot that has been seen on multiple Instagram feeds and is bringing out their own version of the smoothie bowl. With two options, one with an acai base, and the other with a cacao base, this could be your new go-to menu item along with your organic juice or coffee. You can enjoy it at the restaurant, or you can enjoy it in the safety of your own home by ordering through GrabFood, LineMan and more.

[Image Credit: Babyccino via Instagram]

At Broccoli Revolution, you can order your smoothie in a glass or in a bowl, with just an increase of THB 70 for the latter. They’ve got various options from the Choco Banana and the Heart Beet over to the Mango Mania and classic Green smoothie bowl. All are vegan, of course.

Loha is an up-and-coming place to get your smoothie bowls. With multiple different bases and even more toppings to choose from, you can either make your own or get one that is readily prepared. Their bases include options like Berry X’mas, Match-a-wish, and Mago bless you. With two sizes available, Loha provides many options that come with your smoothie bowls. You can order yours through GrabFood, Lineman and more.

[Image Credit: Loha Smoothie Bowl via Instagram]

This smoothie bowl supplier offers many different bases for you to choose from. They are always coming up with new bowls to offer alongside their homemade toppings of peanut butter, dark chocolate hazelnut sauce, granola, and so much more. In addition to smoothie bowls, they also offer ‘nice-cream cups’, an alternative version of ice cream using acai berries. Tropica is available to order on most of the delivery apps like GrabFood, Foodpanda, Lineman and more.

[Image Credit: Tropica via Instagram]

Where to get your smoothie bowl fix in Bangkok

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