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We tried The Pizza Company’s viral new mango pizza, here’s what we think

The Italian population is going to have a field day with this one—The Pizza Company just launched a new mango pizza in Thailand. Whatever the opposite of “that’s amore” is, this is it.

It’s like the guy who invented pineapples on pizza came to Thailand, looked around, and decided that the culinary world has had a long enough time of peace. The newly debuted pizza consists of—you guessed it—an abundance of mangoes, as well as a drizzling of coconut cream sauce, on top of a thin crust pizza.

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We tried The Pizza Company’s new mango pizza

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Through their social media, The Pizza Company describes this creation as “new and unique,” highlighting the combo of the “freshness of the mango, along with the scent of coconut cream sauce.”

Those interested to try are also entitled to their buy-one-get-one deal, and will be welcome to properly savour this unique sensation with two whole mango pizzas for just THB 279.

The Pizza Company’s mango pizza: A review

We sent one of our bravest writers into the field to actually try this mango pizza. Below are his unedited comments.

Presentation: “So you have a thin crust pizza, there are pieces of mangoes on top with some yellow sauce and oddly enough, croutons? You get what you paid for, I suppose. It doesn’t look the worst, but you can already imagine how this is going to go.”

Taste: “It isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever put in my mouth, but definitely isn’t the best thing in the world, either. Everything’s sweet and feels like a dessert, which makes the whole pizza feel very guilty—even more than usual pizza. Every bite I take makes me question why I ordered this instead of literally anything else in the restaurant. I also don’t feel like the croutons help with anything. They’re just there.”

Texture: “Soft textures are not new for pizza toppings anyway, so the mango and pizza crust combo isn’t as bad as I thought. The croutons give a crunchy contrast to everything else, but also something that you wouldn’t miss if it wasn’t there.”

Verdict: “I wish it weren’t a pizza. I wish it were like a dessert wrap filled with mangoes, rather than a whole pizza. That would make more sense, I think. A lot of questions popped up as I was eating. Overall, I managed to finish a whole slice, and that’s an accomplishment. For a summer-themed pizza, it reminded me of taking a dip in the ocean—but like in the movie Jaws. It’s a very solid four point one.”

We tried The Pizza Company’s viral new mango pizza, here’s what we think

Vichayuth Chantan

Content Writer, Bangkok

A bar enthusiast with passion for good food, Vichayuth can be found trying out new menus and making friends over drinks. His hobbies include video games, listening to live music, and silently judging you from across the room.


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