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Where to find mango sticky rice in Bangkok, the trendiest dessert of the season

It is the trendiest dessert of the season, for more reasons than yearly seasonality, but because Milli ate it on stage at Coachella this year. Here’s where to find the best mango sticky rice in Bangkok to replicate all this love.

The all-time favourite Thai dessert has now become viral sensation thanks to the global spotlight that it got at Coachella 2022. Since Khao Niew Mamuang or mango sticky rice has made it to the international stage this year, let’s celebrate by paying a visit to these Thai restaurants in Bangkok for the best mango sticky rice experience.

The craze comes just in time for the mango season. Although this tropical fruit is available throughout the year, the period from May to July marks the season wherein you will find the sweetest and juiciest mangoes on the market. Therefore, be sure to check in at the best venues for this heavenly Thai dessert in Bangkok.

Where to find the best mango sticky rice in Bangkok (fine dining)

Jim Thompson Restaurant

Image credit: Jim Thompson Restaurants (Thailand)

For those who are not over the seasonal Khao Chae menu yet, Jim Thompson has the perfect summer pairing that features both Khao Chae and Mango with Sticky Rice. Of all of the unique and successful Thai institutions it has established, Jim Thompson Restaurant stands as yet another place that exhibits Jim’s legacy to the world. While its Khao Chae with six sweet and savoury condiments is already worth coming back for, the mango sticky rice dessert can end your meal with even more flavourful impressions.

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Phra Nakhon Bangkok

Image credit: Phra Nakhon Bangkok

Having just welcomed a new Chef de Cuisine, Authentic Thai restaurant by the river Phra Nakhon Bangkok at the Capella Bangkok continues to serve as a great spot for Thai food and sunset lovers. With respect to passionate local farmers, the restaurant only uses indigenous mangoes and rice in its Khao Niew Mamuang menu. The sweet coconut black and white sticky rice is served with the sweetest mangoes of the year. An additional scoop of house-made coconut ice cream makes this dish a heaven in the midst of summer.

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Image credit: Paste

We can always trust the heirloom recipes at Paste, but, with the amount of creativity injected in every one of their dishes, even the most recognisable dishes can sometimes look unfamiliar. In this case, award-winning chef Bee serves mango sticky rice in the most contemporary way, with Ok Rong mango sticky rice rolled up into a sweet yellow cylinder covered all over with golden threads and a mellow jasmine sorbet on the side. While most traditional recipes revel in the sweetness and creaminess of coconut milk, Paste’s version boasts a mellow scent and flavour of Jasmine to balance out the sweetness.

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Saneh Jaan

Image credit: Saneh Jaan

If you’re in search of a classic, ordinary-looking mango sticky rice that grants an explosion of taste in your mouth, Saneh Jaan offers its Mango with Sweet Coconut Sticky Rice for your appetite. Sweet and beautifully carved Barracuda mangoes are served with the sticky rice from Chiang Rai. The shaped rice is cooked with genuine Thai coconut milk, before being topped with golden roasted beans for a subtle crunch in every bite. It is truly one of the most sumptuous treats among several of Saneh Jaan’s yummy Thai desserts.

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Where to find the best mango sticky rice in Bangkok (casual eateries)

Make Me Mango

Image Credit: Make Me Mango

Cafes in Bangkok are also no exception to the Thai dessert hype. Especially at a mango haven like Make Me Mango, the perfect combination of sweet mangoes and creamy glutinous rice is exactly what you need to satisfy your sweet tooth during the summer. Also, it’s one of the places where you’ll find a long line of riders from various food delivery apps queuing up to get orders. This just goes to show that their reputation and taste really live up to the ongoing sensation.

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Mango Tango

Image Credit: @dududedoodle/Instagram via Mango Tango

Bookmark Mango Tango for whenever your cravings for a mango sticky rice or mango desserts strike. Located conveniently opposite Siam Paragon, it’s a fabulous spot to drop by to take a break from a long day of shopping and beat the heat. You’ll never be short of ways to enjoy the mangoes here. Whether it’s as a smoothie, pudding, or ice cream, you’ll soon find your new favourites.

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Avant Garden

Image Credit: Cafe Story

Escape the concrete jungle to indulge in the summertime favourite treat at Avant Garden. They have a small waterfall which offers a great dose of greenery and nature for a short break from the busy streets of Bangkok. Don’t worry, the cafe is well-shaded so it’s cooling enough for you to satisfy your craving for mango sticky rice in the afternoon.

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Hiro Keki Thailand

Image Credit: Hiro Keki Thailand

Hiro Keki Thailand isn’t only known for their fluffy Hokkaido pancake. You wouldn’t know that pancake makes an awesome combo with mango until you make your way to this cute Japanese style cafe. Served with bear-shaped sticky rice, it’s going to give you a fantastic food ‘gram.

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The article first appeared on Prestige Online Thailand and has been edited for content.

Where to find mango sticky rice in Bangkok, the trendiest dessert of the season

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