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Where to order the best fresh pesto in Bangkok

Is there anything better than fresh pesto? Here’s where you can find some of the best artisanal pesto to order in Bangkok.

There are so many ways that pesto can be used. You could eat it with fresh spaghetti, with your grilled cheese sandwich, or as a dip with vegetables or bread. There are endless possibilities. With only four main ingredients, this simple sauce can be as versatile as you want it to be. That’s why it’s always handy to keep some in your pantry.

Perfect for a light meal or even a full-blown feast, pesto is a fool-proof item to keep in your kitchen. The best kind is freshly prepared without preservatives or additives, and below you can check out a list of where to order some of our favourites in Bangkok.

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With a newly-introduced Daily Market, Bangkok’s beloved El Mercado invites foodies to buy fresh ingredients to prepare dishes at home. We love their pesto for many different things. Looking for inspiration? Check out their YouTube channel that actually also provides plenty of recipe ideas.

[Image Credit: El Mercado]

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Bringing nature straight to your table, Cagette sources their premium ingredients from local artisans and farmers. Using only fresh ingredients, they make their pesto using a recipe from Liguria in Northern Italy. For those looking for a very authentic taste, here’s your pick.

[Image Credit: Cagette] 

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This Instagram store has been going viral with Bangkokians. Selling many different sauces and dips (many with truffle, too), their Original Pesto is one of the most popular. They’re also using a portion of their profits to aid Covid-19 relief, so it’s definitely dining for a good cause, too.

[Image Credit: aglioooooo via Facebook]

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Bring La Dotta home with you with their made-for-home menu. Order the fresh pasta from their restaurant, and combine it to make their Pesto Alla Genovese, which is prepared with fresh Italian basil, Parmigiana Reggiano, Pecorino Romano, pine nuts, and garlic.

[Image Credit: La Dotta via Facebook]

Where to order the best fresh pesto in Bangkok

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