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Where to order your French pastries in Bangkok

The wonders that are French pastries can leave the best chefs in shock.

It’s no doubt that Thais love their croissants and patisseries. Though lockdown restrictions are coming, we still can’t let go of our occasional French pastry fix. From established spots like Pierre Hermé, to local stores like A Table, you have plenty of options for choosing the store that does pains au chocolat or macarons the way you like. Each store brings a new, unique taste to common French pastries. From the classics like PAUL or ones that appeal to Thai taste buds like La Baguette, here is a list of the French patisseries that deliver.

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Pierre Hermé gave the macaron the glory and the name that it has now. Apart from those, they also have so many options for pastries. La Maison Pierre Hermé features the original taste, sensations, and pleasures of the original shop. The pastries they have to offer to include the finest of the desserts like the Ispahan, 2000 Feuilles, and Plaisir Sucré. You will never forget the first experience you have while eating Pierre Hermé’s finest delicacies. Ordering through their Facebook page doesn’t change the experience, because you’ll still get to eat the best-tasting pastries from home.

[Image Credit: Pierre Hermé Paris-Thailand via Facebook]

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A family bakery with recipes that date back generations ago is making sure their name is never forgotten. Started in 1889, PAUL has expanded from just a family bakery to a world-renowned bakery. Their never-ending selection of croissants includes everything from the classic Pain au Chocolat to the Almond Croissant. There are also other options like the Strawberry Éclair and Apricot pie. Just walking past or thinking about their store can make you crave all the PAUL delicacies. You’re in luck when you remember that scent because you can easily get what you need through delivery applications like Grab and FoodPanda.

[Image Credit: PAUL via Facebook]


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This French pastry offers a pastry that is made to order. The Instagram-based pastries bring in their own specialty within house-made pastries. From options like the Mille-feuille or even different options of pastries. A Table brings many different aspects of the French culture and makes it available while still being able to stay in touch with its homey feel. You can order your homemade pastries through their Instagram.

[Image Credit: A Table via Instagram]

This pastry store is decorated with many awards. Paris Mikki was founded by Carol Boosaba, who is also their head pastry chef. They serve both classic French pastries like the mille-feuille and their own creations like the Roca Rona. With a wide variety of croissants, tarts, and eclairs, there’s sure to be a little something for everyone. Available to order through GrabFood and LINE Man.

[Image Credit: Paris Mikki via Facebook]


These French-style pastries are pioneers of French Pastries in Thailand. The original location opened its doors in 1998 in Pattaya. Though their pastries appeal to the Thai palate, they still stay true to their French origins. They have endless options under the glass displays, but the one we keep going back for is the almond croissant. In addition to their two popular locations in Pattaya, they have also opened their first Bangkok branch. If you’re craving the best almond croissants, you’ll know where to order them. Available to order through GrabFood and LINE Man.

[Image Credit: La Baguette via Facebook]

Where to order your French pastries in Bangkok

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