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5 reasons to get excited for ‘Loki’ premiering on Disney+ Hotstar

Marvel’s Loki is back on our screens and finally getting his own TV series, ready to stream on the freshly-launching Disney+ Hotstar.

Long a fan-favourite villain in the Avengers, here’s a quick recap to get you up to speed: Loki was found as an abandoned baby and adopted by the Asgardian King. He was then raised along with his stepbrother Thor. Growing up in his stepbrother’s shadow, Loki wasn’t really the warrior Thor was, and he becomes very envious of Thor. Loki later enters the service of Thanos and gathers the Infinity Stones in his attempt to wipe out the majority of existent life in the universe. That is how the Avengers were brought together to deal with the madness Loki created. 

For the ‘Loki’ series, however, the super-villain returns with his own new chapter. Though he will start the series as the bad guy, the thereafter-Loki holds numerous surprises for viewers to anticipate. Here’s why you should tune in.

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1. The show premieres only on Disney+ Hotstar

Tom Hiddleston is taking on the role as an executive producer of this show and the live-action series was created exclusively for Disney+ Hotstar. Though ‘Loki’ kicked off on Disney+ Hotstar with its first six episodes in other countries already, it’s still been an intense wait for us here in Thailand. However, it’s nearly over. Join the countdown for Disney+ Hotstar to go live on 30 June. That’s where you’ll discover all the fun that awaits you — ‘Loki’ included.

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2. You’ll see Loki in a new light

While his ego is still intact, Loki is shedding his self-proclaimed majestic identity as the God of Mischief. As the ‘Loki’ series progresses, you will be seeing different sides of Loki solving a half-century-old serious crime mystery with an agent of the Time Variance Authority (TVA) and Mobius. They need his “unique Loki perspective” to locate the culprits and mend the timeline. 

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3. Loki’s character evolves

It’s time that Loki releases himself from the past trap that put him through an endless cycle of betrayal and resistance. Loki is trusted, he betrays, he becomes a villain, he learns to trust again, he’s betrayed, he becomes trusting again, he can be trusted again, then he betrays or feels betrayed. For the TV series, it becomes clear that Loki needs to evolve, and his evolution in this series is a central theme to look out for.

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Image Credit: Loki

4. The Infinity Stones still exist in this alternate timeline

Infinity Stones were taken out of the universe during the Avengers: Endgame. For the show, however, Infinity Stones still exist as this series is set within an alternate timeline, as the Time Variance Authority can tap into different timelines. Thereby, not only are there more unknown truths within the Infinity Stones waiting to be discovered, they are also essential clues in solving the Avenger: Endgame mystery that left us all pretty curious.

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5. There’s already a second season underway

Even before watching the series, we already know that we’ll be hungry for more. It is said that more characters will be introduced as multiple seasons are queuing for their turn to premiere. What’s more, there is a possibility that Loki comics will be adapted, too. A lot of exciting things await.

5 reasons to get excited for ‘Loki’ premiering on Disney+ Hotstar

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