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6 Asian delicacies that made a cameo on Netflix

Doesn’t food that appear on TV shows and movies look so much better?

The excitement that you feel when you see the foods or snacks that you grew up on appear on TV shows or movies is unmatched. The moment Kitty Song-Covey shares her Yakult with Peter Kavinsky in To All the Boys is not only an iconic scene but also a memorable moment from our childhoods. Besides live-action films, our favourite foods are also making delicious appearances in animated movies and TV shows.

With so many to choose from, there are only some that have been mentioned here. But without further ado, here are some of the iconic Asian delicacies that have made cameos on Netflix.

[Hero/Feature Image Credit: Netflix]

This coming-of-age film tells the story of a jock, Paul Munsky, who enlists the help of a smart classmate in need of some money, Ellie Chu to help him write love letters to his long-time crush. The Netflix original explores subjects like sexuality, friendships, and much more. But the moment where Ellie Chu comes in with an arm full of Yakult? Because one is never enough.

[Image Credit: Netflix]

Flavors of Youth is based in three different places in China. It centers around three lives reminiscing about their younger days, simpler times, their first loves, the gift of having a family. Though these three characters lead rather different lives, they are connected by one thing: noodles. The dish becomes the motif throughout the film as these characters cherish their old memories in the bustling city.

[Image Credit: Netflix]

In this sequel to To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, there is a scene before the craziness of the love triangle begins where Lara Jean Covey (portrayed by Lana Condor) attends a family gathering filled with Korean food. One of the dishes from the feast is japchae. Though food isn’t the main focus of the storyline, we love how this banchan (side dish) makes an appearance to satisfy Korean food lovers.

[Image Credit: Netflix]

Filled with innocence, this anime about two middle schoolers who fall in love features a dish that strongly evokes childhood memories for Asians: instant noodles. Especially for Thais, instant noodles are a meal that brings back good times, or maybe even memories of a younger you at the beach or watching movies late at night.

[Image Credit: Netflix]

Never Have I Ever highlights the underrepresentation of South Asian Americans in the mainstream media. While the show explores the protagonist Devi’s unique role of growing up between two cultures, it highlights her culture through food. Samosas appear on the table during lunch when Devi’s aunt is meeting with a prospective partner.

[Image Credit: Netflix]

Split into three parts, the second part of this 2018 Japanese animated film sees a child walking around a street food-filled market where he spots a takoyaki stand. Even though the takoyaki is animated, the illustrations of the glistening sauce on the takoyaki balls will leave you hungrier than ever.

[Image Credit: Netflix]


6 Asian delicacies that made a cameo on Netflix

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