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Miss A star Bae Suzy’s best movies and TV shows

Can’t get enough of Bae Suzy? Here are some her best movies and TV shows.

Singer, model and actor Bae Su-ji aka Bae Suzy wears multiple hats. From making a mark in the music industry to sweeping accolades for her roles in Korean movies and TV shows — Bae’s acting prowess is as noteworthy as her Miss A glory.

Starting off as an online shopping model, Bae debuted in the Chinese-Korean girl group Miss A in 2010 under JYP Entertainment and continued her musical journey until the group disbanded in 2017.

Following this, Bae started bagging roles in multiple movies and TV shows in South Korea. While the former K-pop idol made her television debut back in 2011 with the hit show Dream High, it was only after her brilliant performances in high-rated K-dramas like Vagabond (2019) and Start-Up (2020) that Bae became a global household name. So much so that the actor was honoured with a beautiful Bae Suzy wax figure at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong in 2016.

Another feather in her cap is the 2019 disaster flick Ashfall, which became a massive box-office success domestically, according to Soompi. Produced by Along with the Gods (2017) franchise director Kim Yong-hwa, the film grossed nearly USD 58 million and ranked as the fourth most successful movie in 2019 along with other hit titles like Exit.

Not to mention her upcoming sci-fi fantasy movie Wonderland co-starring Korea’s sweetheart Park Bo-gum, which enjoyed a special screening at the 76th Cannes Film Festival and remains one of the most highly-anticipated movies of 2023.

As the actor’s charm continues to floor audiences with Netflix’s Korean drama Doona!, take a look at some of Bae’s best releases.

Unmissable Bae Suzy TV shows and movies to binge on

Doona! (2023)

bae suzy
Image: Courtesy Netflix

Directed by: Lee Jeong-Hyo

Other stars: Yang Se-jon

Episodes: TBA

Synopsis: College freshman Lee Won-joon (Yang) is surprised when former K-pop star, Duna (Bae) turns out to be his neighbour. While Won-joon tries his best to stay out of the idol’s way, he finds himself drawn towards Duna and her mysterious life.

About the show: Produced by Studio Dragon, this romantic K-drama is based on the webtoon The Girl Downstairs (2019) by acclaimed artist Min Songa.

Watch here

Start-Up (2020)

Directed by: Oh Choong-hwan and Bae Hyun-jin

Other stars: Nam Joo-hyuk, Kim Sun-ho, Kang Han-na

Episodes: 16

Synopsis: With aspirations of becoming Korea’s own Steve Jobs, entrepreneur Seo Dal-mi (Bae) competes for success in the cutthroat world of tech. Sparks fly when she meets Nam Do-san, the founder of Samsan Tech, a struggling company. Together, the two strive for growth in their careers while cheering each other on.

Watch here

Ashfall (2019)

Directed by: Lee Hae-jun and Kim Byung-seo

Other stars: Lee Byung-hun, Ha Jung-woo, Ma Dong-seok

Synopsis: When a volcanic eruption threatens to engulf the Korean peninsula, chaos ensues. Jo In-chang (Ha), the captain of a special forces team, is forced to leave behind his pregnant wife (Bae) in Seoul and head a secret mission to ensure safety. Will they be able to come out of the disaster alive?

About the movie: The movie was a part of the 2020 line-up for the London Korean Film Festival.

Vagabond (2019)

Directed by: Yu In-sik

Other stars: Lee Seung-gi, Kim Min-jong, Moon Jung-hee

Episodes: 16

Synopsis: When his nephew dies in a mysterious plane crash, stuntman Cha Dal-geon (Lee) vows to unravel the truth and gets help from undercover National Intelligence Service agent Go Hae-ri (Bae). With conspiracies darker than they could ever imagine, the mission gets more complicated at every turn.

About the show: Both Lee and Bae secured the Top Excellence and Best Couple awards for their performance in Vagabond at the 2019 SBS Drama Awards.

Watch here

While You Were Sleeping (2017)

Directed by: Oh Choong-hwan, Park Soo-jin

Other stars: Lee Jong-suk, Lee Sang-yeob, Ko Sung-hee

Episodes: 16

Synopsis: Nam Hong-joo (Bae) can foresee future events in her dreams. When circumstances end up involving prosecutor Jae Chan (Lee) in this strange ordeal, he promises to help Hong-joo stop her dreams from turning into reality.

About the show: Bae and Lee earned the Best Couple Award for the show at the 2017 SBS Drama Awards. Additionally, Bae also won the Television/Film Award for the fantasy K-drama at the Asia Artist Awards in 2017.

Uncontrollably Fond (2016)

Directed by: Park Hyun-suk

Other Stars: Kim Woo-bin, Lim Ju-hwan, Lim Ju-eun

Episodes: 20

Synopsis: Shin Joon-young (Kim) and No Eul (Bae) get separated in childhood and are left heartbroken. Years later, destiny plays Cupid and the two meet each other once again. However, Joon-young discovers that No Eul has changed and now values money and power above everything else. Will No Eul’s new ideologies put an end to their reconciliation?

Architecture 101 (2012)

Directed by: Lee Yong-ju

Other stars: Uhm Tae-woong, Han Ga-in, Lee Je-hoon

Synopsis: Two students Lee Seung-min (Lee) and Yang Seo-yeon (Bae) meet in an introductory architecture class. Despite having feelings for each other, misunderstandings lead them to part ways. Fifteen years later, old flames get rekindled when Seung-min is approached by Seo-yeon to help build her dream house.

Dream High (2011)

Directed by: Lee Eung-bok and Kim Seong-yoon

Other stars: Taecyeon, Kim Soo-hyun, IU

Episodes: 16

Synopsis: Six students attend an elite grooming academy with the dream of becoming K-pop idols. Among them, Go Hye-mi (Bae) struggles with letting go of opera singing for mainstream pop to pay her father’s debt. However, her determination and positive attitude keep her hopes up in the academy.

About the show: Produced by Artone studio, Dream High was staged as a show x musical at the Kwanglim Arts Center in southern Seoul from 13 to 23 July 2023.

(Hero and featured image: Courtesy Bae Suzy/Instagram)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Who is Bae Suzy shipped with?

Answer: While the former South Korean singer has dated some of the most popular actors from South Korea, like Kim Soo-hyun and Lee Dong-wook, Bae Suzy was shipped the most with 'Pachinko' fame actor and ex-boyfriend Lee Min-ho.

Question: Why did Bae Suzy get so popular?

Answer: As a member of the K-pop group Miss A, Bae Suzy had been one of the most popular members. After Bae left JYP Entertainment, her acting stints added to her rising fame and established her as one of the most promising after Hallyu stars. Reportedly, the former singer is also the first Korean female celebrity to win a singer rookie award, a drama rookie award, a film rookie award, and a variety rookie award in a row.

Question: Is Bae Suzy a member of Miss A?

Answer: Yes, Bae Suzy was a Miss A member until the group disbanded in 2017. Some of her most popular projects as a member of the group include 'Hush' (2013) and 'Colors' (2015). Her most popular collaboration as a member of Miss A was with EXO's Baekhyun for the digital single “Dream”. It also earned the Best Collaboration nod at the 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

Question: Who is the most famous Miss A member?

Answer: According to sources, the most famous Miss A member is Bae Suzy.

Miss A star Bae Suzy’s best movies and TV shows

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