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Baipor-Thitiya on playing twins in ‘You and Me and Me’

“You and Me and Me,” the highly anticipated film from renowned studio GDH, became a massive hit as soon as its trailer dropped. The movie touches everyone’s hearts by revisiting their fond memories of a slower, simpler time. The story follows twin sisters “Yu” and “Mi,” both played by Baipor-Thitiya, as they both experience their first love with the same young man, played by Tony-Anthony Buisseret.

Set in 1999, this film marks the first collaboration between Baipor, Tony-Anthony, and the twin directors Wanwaew-Waewwan Hongvivat. Today, we have the exclusive chance to speak with Baipor about her experience as the lead, the challenges she faced, and her time working with her co-star and directors.

Tell us about your role in this film. 

One of the two roles I played, “Yu” is a cheerful and optimistic character, always seeing the bright side of life. On the other hand, “Mee” is more reserved. Both characters are quite different. I am particularly interested in this pair of characters. They are twins, which makes them already intriguing for my first movie. It was a challenge since their personalities were so different. For example, “Mee” has a deeper, more complex way of thinking, while “Yu” is more straightforward.

How do you adjust to both the twin characters while shooting?

At the start, there was some clumsiness, but as I continued to play, I got comfortable with it. I learned how to properly switch between characters. I knew I had to change my character when I changed my costume. When I need to switch to the “Yu” character, I simply tuck my hair behind my ear and she appears on the scene. And to become “Mee”, I just put my hands in my pockets. With my previous experience in acting workshops, I don’t think I have any trouble getting into character. Once I figured out the right technique, it became second nature.

As for the difficulty of each role, “Yu” is a very different from me. She is like a Golden Retriever, always cheerful, while I am not as talkative. On the other hand, “Mee” has a more complex and intricate personality and tends to think a lot, which is not like me in some parts.

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What was the casting process like?

I was so excited! The manager had already marked on the calendar that we had a casting at GDH. During the casting, I recall having a second round of callbacks. That’s when I met Tong, Wan, and Waew. They had me try out different roles, like an online retailer, which Tong suggested. He wanted to see how far I could bring the character.

The film takes place in 1999. How do you remember this era?

I was born in 2005, so I wasn’t there at that time. The easiest way for me was to ask my mum and dad. They would tell me about what kind of events happened back then. They talked about how busy the bank was when withdrawing their money. And then I also found some pictures on Pinterest and adjusted them to fit my needs because I rely more on images to remember things. The filming crew was also great. Everyone in the group helped me a lot. Whenever I didn’t understand something, they would explain it to me. Like the “balancing bird,” they told me it was a toy back then and explained how to play with it.

Did you draw from personal experiences when portraying first love?

Yes, I did. I used my own experiences for this story, which happened during my middle school days. I had a crush on an older student who was on the student council. It was a typical puppy love situation. So, I took these feelings and worked them into the story.

What was it like working with Tong-Banchong and the directors Wanwaew-Waewwan?

Working together with them was a lot of fun. I called her “P’Waew.” Some people can’t tell the twins apart, but I can tell who is Ware and who is Wan. Actually, this is their first movie. They put a lot of effort into it, and I learned a lot from them. Like the last shoot we went to, a line that “P’Wan” said to me touched my heart. She said, “Today, Baipor stayed with “Mee” (character) very well. I believe that you will be a great actor in the future.” After hearing that, I felt relieved, and my heart was filled with joy.

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How was your first experience working with Tony-Buisseret? 

Honestly, he’s talented and dedicated to his work. Starting out together, we never felt like competitors. I’m happy to be working with him. Though he used to be arrogant, he’s no longer that way since we’ve gotten to know each other. He can be either cool or wild. He’s a hyperactive person. If I have to expose him a little, he likes to show off. Even though I’m younger than him, we’re only a little apart in age, but he likes to call me “younger sis.” I don’t like this as we’re actually the same age.

Have you ever wished you could go back and redo a scene?

Yeah, I have. There was a time when I filmed in Nakhon Nayok, and I felt like I was trying too hard. I realised that when I overdid it, it didn’t come across well on screen. It wasn’t relatable or natural. But after getting some feedback, I started to reflect on my performance. I learned that what’s done is done; just do your best. It’s best to not be too hard on yourself and have fun with it.

Were you pressured by the feedback? It’s the GDH studio. The expectations are quite high.

I feel pressured because both I and everyone else put a lot of effort into the film, but I also believe that everyone’s effort will definitely make this turn out well. As for myself, I think this movie will bring back memories to everyone and remind them of their first love. I really want everyone to go and watch it because it has a lot of details. The atmosphere, the mood, the lead actor and actress, and even the soundtrack are all part of a story that is worth remembering.

Baipor-Thitiya on playing twins in ‘You and Me and Me’

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