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This month in memes: March 2023

From the new season of Total Drama, to Elon Musk showing the world what a stable family is, here is a round up of the juiciest memes of March 2023.

A lot has happened during the month. The Oscars arrived and it was probably the best one in years, tax season also arrived and that was definitely not the best one in years, and Gwyneth Paltrow is out there doing what she does best: be harmful to society.

Mother Teresa once said to spread love wherever you go, and the closest thing we can do is memes, so here we are.

[Hero and Featured Image Credit: Everything Everywhere All At Once]

This month in memes: March 2023

Grimes reveals she changed the name of her and Elon Musk’s daughter from Exa to a question mark symbol (no, this is actually real)

Her testimony is like an SNL skit. Anyone interested please read more here.

We love seeing our taxes in action doing good things in the country <3

No one was safe from studying the choreo

Oh so now creative arts isn’t a “waste of time” smh

I mean we’re not confirming nor denying that lmao

We just love all the drama y’all

Oh baby, baby

Chris sounds a little bit different but we are still here for all of this

This—all of this

We definitely stan

This month in memes: March 2023

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