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Hyun Bin’s net worth: A look at the wealth of Confidential Assignment’s star

With hit K-dramas, luxury endorsements , and intelligent investments — Hyun Bin boasts an impressive net worth. Here’s all about it.

With a string of commercially successful K-dramas, endorsements with luxury brands, and intelligent investments to his name — Korean actor Hyun Bin boasts quite the impressive net worth. Besides, the Hallyu stalwart is also deemed one of the highest paid stars in the industry. Needless to say, he lives a luxurious lifestyle — complete with elegant homes in glitzy neighbourhoods. Here’s a closer look at this wealth.

The role of a stoic, courageous North Korean soldier who helps a stranded South Korean heiress find her way home catapulted Hyun Bin to global headlines. Soon enough, a string of commercial offers were knocking at his doorstep — with brands eager to capitalise on the commercial success of Crash Landing On You and the charisma of its lead. Combine this with his general reputation as a polite, dependable actor and impressive filmography — spanning romantic comedies, action thrillers, fantasy features, the works — and it’s no surprise why he’s one of the most popular names in the entertainment industry. Not to mention, one of its highest paid as well.

There’s clear hard work behind it all, with the star noting in an interview with Korea Times that he hadn’t taken a break for longer than a month. “I’ve kept working because I read intriguing stories that I couldn’t let go of.” He also added, “I’ve been always under pressure to do something new and looking at the results, I never know satisfaction.” This stellar work ethic — coupled with endorsements and investments — has translated to a jaw-dropping wealth. And when he tied the knot with wildly popular actress Son Ye-Jin, this only doubled — with the duo being dubbed a power couple. We’re taking a deep dive into Hallyu heartthrob Hyun Bin’s net worth.

Hyun Bin’s Net Worth

Hyun Bin Net Worth

According to a 2023 report by Economic Times, Hyun Bin’s net worth sits at a whopping USD 21 million (INR 174 crore approx.) A report by South China Morning Post (SCMP) notes that when combined with his partner Son Ye-Jin’s wealth — which stands at USD 20 million — his fortune sits at USD 41 million. That aside, their combined property value is USD 27 million.

Fee per episode

The majority of Hyun Bin’s wealth is attributed to his acting career. His filmography boasts a string of commercially successful titles, with the star being hailed by experts for his eye for good scripts. In an interview with Augustman Singapore, he elaborated on this, “For me, the most important consideration when choosing a role is the story, and whether I can express that story well compared to other actors. Even if it is a show that I really want to do, and I don’t know if this is the right expression, but even if I think it’s a good show, it would be meaningless if I cannot properly express my character. So, from a certain point in my life, I started contemplating whether I can do well in a show compared to other actors.”

According to the report by SCMP, from his debut (2003) up until his first hit Secret Garden (2010), he was paid USD 27,000. By 2018, when he starred in Memories Of Alhambra, this increased three fold to USD 90,000. Currently, he’s believed to charge about USD 113,000 per episode.

Commercials with big brands

Commercials have furthered Hyun Bin’s impressive wealth. It all began when he was chosen as the first Korean ambassador of luxury watch name Omega in 2020 and fashion bigwig Loro Piana (2021). He was also the first Asia-Pacific ambassador of Tom Ford. A report by SCMP states that between 2011-2012, the actor earned about USD 2.9 million from just eight deals.Other brand endorsements in his bag are Kia Motors, Samsung TV, Lexus. In addition to this, he along with Son Ye Jin starred in a popular Philippines’ Smart Communications advertisement, right after making their relationship official.

Bangkok Post also sheds light on a popular brand Sinarmas Sekuritas’ choice to work with the actor. “Sinarmas Sekuritas chose Hyun Bin as the brand ambassador because he has a character that matches the brand image of Sinarmas Sekuritas, which is mature, calm and reliable,” Director Ferita Tanudjaja noted. “His figure as a senior artist who has been consistent for a long time at the top level and coupled with his humble, friendly personality, and commitment to always give the best makes him able to represent our service excellence values at Sinarmas Sekuritas.” Reportedly, his commercial earnings sit at about USD 515,000-587,000 annually.

Luxury properties in star-studded neighbourhoods

According to SCMP, in December 2020, the actor moved into a penthouse in Achiul Village. The eco-friendly neighbourhood in Gyeonggi province near Seoul houses the likes of K-pop singer Jo Sung-mo and JYP Entertainment CEO Park Jin-young. His space boasts a rooftop garden, skylights, walk-in wardrobes, and an elegant design — costing him about USD 4.3 million.

The actor previously lived in a USD 2.25 million mansion in Mark Hills, Dongjak District — where he had actors Lee Min-ho and K-pop group Big Bang’s Daesung for neighbours. He reportedly also bought an entire building in the glitzy Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam which cost him USD 4 million and is worth USD 8.9 million now. This building won the 35th Seoul Architecture Awards’ Excellence Award in 2017.

Wealthy family, investments, and charitable endeavours

Reportedly, Hyun Bin comes from a wealthy, fiscally sound family that manages HB Family Holdings and invests in developing buildings in important locations around Seoul. The actor was honoured with the Korean president’s award at the 50th Savings Day event for saving up USD 3.3 million. In his acceptance speech, he thanked his parents for his saving sensibilities and called them his financial managers.

Besides this, the actor is also a humanitarian and animal lover. He’s donated to causes related to both multiple times, including USD 181,000 to Community Chest of Korea to manage the spread of Covid-19. Augustman Singapore notes that he also supports Save the Children and international relief NGOs.

All images: Courtesy VAST Entertainment/Hyun Bin

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– Who is the husband of Son Ye Jin?

Hyun Bin is Son Ye Jin’s husband.

– What languages does Hyun Bin speak?

Hyun Bin is fluent in Korean and can speak a bit of Mandarin and English.

– Did Hyun Bin have a baby?

In 2022, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin announced the birth of their son Alkong.

Hyun Bin’s net worth: A look at the wealth of Confidential Assignment’s star

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