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The relationship timeline of Yaya and Nadech, from being shipped to being fiancés

Our favourite celebrity couple, Nadech “Barry” Kugimiya and Urassaya “Yaya” Sperbund, just decided to be each other’s forever. Here’s a look into their fairy tale-like love story.

Probably one of the longest running couples that we’ve seen in the Thai entertainment circle, Nadech and Yaya are two names that have almost always gone together in the past decade. Finally, after much anticipation from fans, Nadech proposed to his girlfriend during their trip to Italy in Sorrento on June 5, 2023. Their best friends, including Prin “Mark” Suparat, Kimberly Anne Woltemas, Rasri “Margie” Balenciaga, and Patsarakorn “Pok” Chirathivat, were all there to celebrate the occasion.

Where did it all begin? Here’s a deeper dive into the love and relationship timeline of Yaya and Nadech below.

A relationship timeline for Yaya and Nadech

First meet

Image credit: Ch 3 Plus

Nadech and Yaya entered the entertainment industry in their teenage years and crossed paths in a drama in 2010 entitled Duang Jai Akkanee, which is part of the 4-drama series 4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao. The drama was overwhelmingly popularity due to the lighthearted storyline and, of course, the young fresh faces of the two protagonists.

After the show ended, the popularity of the couple persisted for years after that. Since their chemistry was probably felt beyond the fiction, they received the support from many fandoms in Thailand and internationally. In the years after that, they were always promoted together during events and in series.

Private relationship beyond the eyes of the media

Nadech later on admitted that Yaya was the girl of his dreams. He fell in love with her after spending time together during filming various series, but never really had the courage to ask her out. They had the chance to bond by doing some other projects later, and started dating in 2011.

In spite of all this, they never confirmed their relationship back in the day. The lovebirds only gave interviews stating that they were like each other’s closest siblings and nothing more. Nevertheless the fans couldn’t help but imagine there were being more, judging from their closeness and chemistry.

Eight years later, Nadech had his own The Real Nadech Concert in 2019 where he invited Yaya as a guest for one of his shows. This was where he announced, “She [Yaya] is my love” to all his die-hard fans after they performed an intimate, sexy version of “Versace on the Floor” together. Enough said, that was their official announcement to the public as a couple. The two have been open about their relationship ever since.

Nadech & Yaya

From 2010 to 2023, Nadech and Yaya became the icon of a youthful love that stays true over the passing of time. Although both are front-row celebrities in Thailand, they kept their relationship away from the pressure of the public for a very long time. Now the 30-year-old actress and the 31-year-old actor are ready to tie the knot, evidently as seen in this picture (featuring Yaya’s 12-carat diamond ring, no less).

[Hero and featured image credit: @kugimiyas]

The relationship timeline of Yaya and Nadech, from being shipped to being fiancés

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