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Why viral videos of doctors dancing in hospitals are a light-hearted cure for COVID-19 fear

Doctors don’t just save lives. Especially during this time, they’re also easing the people’s unavoidable COVID-19 fear through their smile-inducing and highly-entertaining dance videos.

Now who would have thought all those dance challenges and Tik Tok videos created by social media folks to kill at-home boredom would have turned into a doctor’s message?

Assuring that better days are yet to come, doctors all around the world have released videos, dancing both as a celebration for virus-cured patients and to lighten up the severity of the situation.

[Featured image credit: Instagram/pholkgiant; hero image credit: Unsplash/Branimir Balogović]


Doctor Jason Campbell, aka, TikTok Doc at Oregon Health & Science University, went viral with his dancing videos along with coworkers and encouraging captions to lift everyone up through the dark storm of the century. Not only do his videos bring joy and a smile to anyone who watches, but they also become internet sensations and make it to big news channels to draw a smile from the audience on the world stage.

Nurses and Doctors throughout the Middle East also unveiled videos of them dancing amidst a hospital packed with virus patients as positive affirmation to get through the outbreak.

And perhaps, there’s no better time to twerk and shake off all the stress. 

Even nurses didn’t fail in following the TikTok trends. The hospital staff around the world has also been taken over control by the dance craze.

This proves that even in times of crisis, we all look for something to occupy our minds with positivity, rather than stress.

And for those of us who have fear of being close to the virus victim, this video serves as a reminder that even those who are sick are in need of encouragement through entertainment and fun.

Cured patients and docs also get a march of their own, being applauded for fighting and conquering the infection.

And last but not least, these handwashing moves shall stand as a reminder to be responsible and do your part; wash your hands, stay home and — quoting TikTok Doc now — keep Cupid Shufflin!

Why viral videos of doctors dancing in hospitals are a light-hearted cure for COVID-19 fear

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