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‘Midnight Asia’: 16 thoughts we had while watching the Bangkok episode on Netflix

“Electrifying. Exhilarating. Enlivening.”

A travel docuseries that explores the food, the drinks, the art, the music, the nightlife, and the subcultures of six iconic Asian metropolises. That’s Midnight Asia: Eat. Dance. Dream.

Although released just five days ago on Netflix, this new show has been watched by many in Bangkok and beyond. The six Asian cities featured are: Tokyo, Seoul, Mumbai, Bangkok, Taipei, and Manila. 

If we’re talking nightlife, needless to say, Bangkok makes the list. While we’re aware that Bangkok is the city that never sleeps, this Netflix documentary series delves into the why and the how of this statement. The ‘Bangkok, Thailand’ episode is the fourth in the six-episode series. 

Midnight Asia: Eat. Dance. Dream.

Bangkok episode: People and places

Here is a shoutout to all the places and people featured in the ‘Bangkok, Thailand’ episode Midnight Asia:

Whether you’re one for travel documentaries, or you have an affinity for the nightlife scene, or you’re a Bangkokian, we highly recommend you watch it. We’ve watched it, and here’s our take on the Bangkok episode. 

Bangkok episode: 16 thoughts we had while watching Midnight Asia: Eat. Dance. Dream. 

  1. When’s the weekend getting here? 
  2. “The rule is no rule. The plan is no plan. This is Bangkok.” We’ve found a perfect way to describe the city. 
  3. Gosh, we love Chinatown. 
  4. Day drinking is acceptable, right? 
  5. Bangkok is not Bangkok without street vendors. 
  6. I’m hungry. 
  7. Wait, 5000 skewers a night? 
  8. Bangkok is a traditional city with added contemporary nuances. 
  9. Bangkok is such a creative district. 
  10. Only Bangkok can pull off superheroes in folk theatre. Brilliant. 
  11. Cocktail bars, rooftop bars, hidden bars – we really have raised the bar. 
  12. *Jamming to Celeste Siam’s music*
  13. A bank has never looked so fun. 
  14. “Hi, can I book a reservation at Baan Tepa Culinary Space, please?” 
  15. Electrifying. Exhilarating. Enlivening. There truly is no place like Bangkok.
  16. Seriously, when’s the weekend getting here?
‘Midnight Asia’: 16 thoughts we had while watching the Bangkok episode on Netflix

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