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‘Man Suang’ reviews: What are people saying about the film so far?

After its premiere at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival, there has been growing anticipation about the Thai political-thriller-period film Man Suang since it was released on August 24. We’ve gathered some of the reviews of this new Thai film of 2023.

Man Suang is directed by Kritsada “Pond” Witthayakhajondet and stars two young actors from Boys-Love series, Nattawin “Apo” Wattanagitiphat and Phakphum “Mile” Romsaithong. The political-thriller film tells a story that dates back to the reign of King Rama III. Khem and Wan decide to investigate a lavish and secretive club called Man Suang, a place where people gathered to plan and discuss politics. They join the club in disguise and meet Chatra. Together, the three start to uncover dark secrets around murder and rebellion, leading to significant changes in their own lives and the kingdom.

The film has already garnered over THB24.2 million during just the first four days in Thailand.

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Man Suang Reviews: What People Are Saying About the Film

Whilst Man Suang was shown at Cannes, Thai people only just got the chance to watch the film in cinemas from August 24, and so far it has been said that the movie is one our local film industry desperately needs.

The hyphenated genres of the movie make a strong enough statement about how intriguing the storyline will be, especially when we don’t see that many varieties of these film genres in Thailand. Often times, the Thai film industry is stuck in between the limitations of horror, comedy, and romantic movies.

Indeed, what we see is a splendid combination of traditional Thai art and culture and an investigative political storyline that coincidentally – or not – resonates with the current situation of Thai politics.

The production is also a key highlight in reviews for Man Suang. With Nakrob Moonmanas part of the art directing team, and the award-winning Chaiyapruek Chalermpornpanich from Malila: The Farewell Flower (2017) as the Director of Photography, the mood, tone, settings, costumes, and camera angles of the film have been highly commended. Viewers say they felt really immersed into the bygone era of King Rama III.


The actors, especially Apo and Mile, have also received praise for their acting potential. Some, however, have commented saying that there is room for improvement in the storyline.

The overall consensus is that Man Suang is a rare Thai film, and many believe that it is a good sign and motivation for things to come. Especially amongst younger talents, it has given aspiring fim makers an extra push to strive and make a different in the local film industry.

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This story first appeared on Prestige Online Thailand.

‘Man Suang’ reviews: What are people saying about the film so far?

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