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New K-dramas to catch on Netflix September and October 2021

Satisfy your K-drama fever with these Netflix releases this September and October 2021. 

We love our fair share of K-dramas, and for good reason. This entertainment genre has gone way beyond simply entertaining audiences with their movies and television shows. With their eloquent influence on food, music, and especially fashion, K-dramas have pretty much become a global phenomenon. Whether you’re a die-hard K-drama fan, or you’re a pop culture connoisseur looking to explore and educate, we’ve put together a list of four Korean dramas releasing in September and October 2021. 

For those new to the K-drama scene, fair warning: you may be binge-watching till the sky turns from night to day. Are you ready to lose track of time with these upcoming Netflix Korean dramas? We sure are. 

If you rejoice in Korean romantic comedies or even rom-coms in general, head to Netflix and add this to your list, stat. Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha encompasses all aspects of an archetypal slice of life and romantic comedy television show. Starring Kim Seon-ho and Shin Min-a, the story of this feel-good show revolves around the developing love story of a big-city dentist and a jack-of-all-trades. With four episodes currently available to stream, new episodes are released every weekend on Saturday and Sunday. 

Release date: streaming now

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This action-adventure binge-worthy K-drama is for those fans of ingenious, unorthodox storylines. The plot follows the story of 456 contestants that risk their lives in a mysterious survival game with one goal in mind, to secure the ₩45.6 billion winning pot. Ever since its release announcement, this upcoming South Korean drama television series has amassed recognition for its deviant title and premise. K-drama fan or not, this is a must-watch for those that revel in riveting diegeses. 

Release date: September 17

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3 /4

The King’s Affection

We’ve got another classic Korean romance series here. The upcoming Netflix series The King’s Affection is a poignant palace romance starring Park Eun-bin and Rowoon. If hidden identities, secret romances, and kingdom-related plots are the kind of entertainment content you take pleasure in, this long-awaited historical romantic drama will pique your interest. Inspired by a comic book series, the show depicts the story of how a female twin disguises herself as her dead crown prince brother, leading to the love story of her and her teacher.

Release date: October 11

[Image credit: Netflix]

4 /4

My Name

The much-anticipated action-thriller My Name has announced a release date for October 15, along with the release of the teaser poster with the words – ‘No one can know. My enemy, my revenge.’ Director of acclaimed dark teen drama Extracurricular Kim Jin-min is collaborating with Netflix for the second time, and we’re beyond excited. Dark and suspenseful, brace yourselves for this Korean crime television series revolving around a revenge-driven woman joining a crime ring as undercover police with hopes to find her father’s killer. 

Release date: October 15

[Image credit: Netflix]

New K-dramas to catch on Netflix September and October 2021

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