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LSA Watchlist: What to watch on Netflix, HBO GO, Prime Video, Disney+, and Apple TV+ this March

What to watch on Netflix, HBO GO, Prime Video, Disney+, and Apple TV+ this March

Pedro Pascal may be finishing off his dad role in The Last of Us but he’s coming back to Grogu in The Mandalorian. The effervescent Ted Lasso is also returning and so is Alina Starkov in a new season of Shadow and Bone. Meanwhile, a group of Australian girls find themselves in the middle of an apocalypse. Here are the shows and films what you need to binge and watch this March.

Here’s what to binge and watch this March on Netflix, HBO GO, Prime Video, Disney+ and Apple TV+ 

The Mandalorian (Season 3)

Image credit: Disney+

March 1, Disney+

Pedro Pascal continues his reign as the daddy of pop culture. The best father-and-son duo in the galaxy return for more adventures and shenanigans. We might also get some more glimpses of Gorgu’s past and how he survived Order 66.


Perry Mason (Season 2)

Image credit: HBO GO

March 7, HBO GO

After the Dodson case, Perry Mason tries unsuccessfully to lay low. He finds himself thrust into yet another bloody case that’s steeped in mystery and conspiracy. The consequences of the outcome, however, could be more far-reaching than he imagined.


You (Season 4, Part 2)

Image credit: Netflix

March 9, Netflix

Joe Goldberg continues his stalkery antics in London all while trying to deal with the fact that a serial killer wants to be best buds with him. Well, “best buds” in the sense that this killer wants to frame Joe for all the murders he’s done. And then there’s Kate, a possible new and tragic love interest who, against her better judgment, has now taken a liking to Joe. 


The Glory (Part 2)

Image credit: Netflix

March 10, Netflix

Dong-eun slips deeper into a rabbit hole of revenge as she tries to get even with Yeon-jin and her friends. But will the cost she pays be worth it or will she lose herself on her quest for retribution? 


Ted Lasso (Season 3)

Image credit: Apple TV+

March 15, Apple TV+

AFC Richmond returns with their ever-optimistic coach, Ted Lasso. But while the team seems to have finally found its footing and become united, they also face a new foe in a former friend: Nate, who has been hired to coach Rupert Manning’s new team.


Shadow and Bone (Season 2)

Image credit: Netflix

March 16, Netflix

Alina and Mal try to find some sort of normalcy but that’s all upended by the Darkling coming back from the Shadow Fold stronger than ever. He’s hell-bent on controlling Alina’s powers, and the only one that can stop him is Alina herself. 


Class of ‘07

Image credit: Prime Video

LSA Watchlist: What to watch on Netflix, HBO GO, Prime Video, Disney+, and Apple TV+ this March

A group of girls gather in their old school for a fun and awkward high school reunion. Things get a little tense, but that’s all forgotten when they realise that the literal apocalypse has just happened and now they’re stuck in the halls of their teenage nightmares.


Murder Mystery 2

Image credit: Netflix

March 31, Netflix

Nick and Audrey Spitz have decided to capitalise on their murder-solving skills and open up their own private detective agency. Things are off to a slow start though, but when they’re invited to a friend’s glamorous wedding, an opportunity arises for them to save the day and prove themselves. 


The Power

Image credit: Prime Video

March 31, Prime Video

For a mysterious reason, teenage girls all over the world suddenly find themselves with the power to produce electricity from their hands. The event causes a lot of confusion and fear, but for the girls, it gives them a sense of freedom and power they’ve never felt before. But while there are rewards, there are also consequences. 



Image credit: Apple TV+

March 31, Apple TV+

Henk Rogers finds himself drawn and addicted to a game called Tetris that he’s convinced will get everyone hooked. He convinces the makers of a new device called the Game Boy to launch it with Tetris installed. But to do that, he needs to get the rights from the game’s inventor who lives in the Soviet Union. The fact that it’s the height of the Cold War only makes things more complicated.

LSA Watchlist: What to watch on Netflix, HBO GO, Prime Video, Disney+, and Apple TV+ this March

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